Susana and Diego

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How We Met

Diego and I met on August 2019 in a club while celebrating a close mutual friend’s Law Degree. We

both knew about each other because we share the same best friend, Sandra has been Diego’s best friend for about 27 years and mine for 6 years since my very first day in Law School but it wasn’t until last year that we finally met in person.

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The day we met we didn’t spend much time together but it was enough for him to know he wanted to marry me. After the party Diego followed me on Instagram and a few hours later he cancelled the request so we lost touch.

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3 weeks later Sandra invited me to a play bowling on Friday and to a party on Saturday with a group of friends, I agreed without even thinking about seeing Diego again but he had all of this planned because he really wanted to see me again so he told Sandra to invite me. On Friday I noticed Diego very nervous around me and I thought it was so cute, the following day we had a great time at the party and became inseparable since then.

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Diego asked me to be his girlfriend a couple of months later and he has been the most amazing and loving partner I could ever asked for.

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How They Asked

July, 11th of 2020 we were about to celebrate 8 months as boyfriend and girlfriend. All I knew was that we were going to dinner so Diego picked me up at 7:20 pm and as soon as I got in the car Diego told me: “now it’s my turn to surprise you”, he gave me an eye mask, I put it on and during the whole trip I was feeling more and more excited. I didn’t have any clue about where we were going.

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Diego parked and helped me to get out of the car. I couldn’t see anything and after a long walk Diego told me to stop, took off my coat and purse. I felt a door opening and I heard our song “All of me” of John Legend and couldn’t hold my excitement. Diego said I could take off the eye mask and the first thing I saw was a rose petal and candle trail. I immediately started crying and we walked through this beautiful trail and we stopped inside a petal heart on the floor. Diego told me the most beautiful things I could ever dream of, he got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to marry him.

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But it wasn’t all! His best friend was hiding with his camera ready for a photo shoot and the whole proposal was recorded.

Diego exceeded my expectations and made all of my dreams come true. Everything was a surprise for me, he managed to make reservations at the Westin Hotel even though they were not receiving regular guests due to COVID-19. Our friends and families helped a lot so we have the most special night of our lives.

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