Susan and David


How We Met

Dave and I met at Ithaca College orientation the summer before our freshman year began. I had met him the first night and while exploring the campus, ran into him again alone. We talked for little bit- comparing scars, and making fun of each other’s home states; I’m from New Jersey with no hint of the stereotypical accent and he is from Boston, which is much more obvious. When freshman move in day came, my main group of friends were those I met during orientation. My roommate and I were living in the lounge so we’d always have people over before we went out. On the second night, we were all heading out to an on campus party but Dave decided to stay back. I can’t remember why but he gave me his number. I got back from the party around 2 or 3 and ended up giving him a call. His dorm was at the opposite end of campus but he came to me and we walked back together. In the pouring rain. He made us coffee and we just started talking about anything and everything. I felt so comfortable around him and since I wasn’t looking for a relationship the second day of college, I didn’t feel like I had to hold back or impress anyone. He walked me back to my dorm around the time normal people were waking up and from then on, there was a spark. We dated for the first semester but went on a break after returning from winter vacation. We eventually became friends again and even saw each other a few times that summer. About two weeks into our sophomore year, we made it “official” and have been going ever since. I’m glad it worked out because I had purposely, like a creep, chosen to live in the same dorm and right next door for the year. Imagine…

how they asked

We rented a solar powered dome in northern Vermont for our (8th year) anniversary vacation. The home was pretty much off the grid and at night, there was very little light pollution (which was quite important).


At midnight, I gave Dave his gift, a flashlight, but he told me that I needed to wait for mine. He ended up waking me up at 3 or 4 to look at the stars but it was cloudy and we couldn’t see much. We explored during the day: stopped by a brewery, went on a Ben & Jerry’s factory tour because David loves ice cream, had amazing burgers at Prohibition Pig, and then did a little grocery shopping for the essentials. Back at the dome, we put on Dogma (since I had not seen it before) and relaxed before second dinner. After the movie ended, David suggested we head out on the deck since his app said the sky was super clear. When we were in college, we went on a lot of random drives to go stargazing. David would always see a shooting star and I always missed it. One zoomed by within a few minutes of being out on the deck. I gasped and asked him if he saw that too, to confirm that I wasn’t hallucinating. He confirmed and asked if I made a wish. I said no so he suggested I make one.

As you can guess, my wish was obvious. He turned me around and told me how much I mean to him and that I am his best friend. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I said yes and cried and he asked if I had cried more when I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert the first time (yes). We went inside and tried to communicate the good news to our families – no phone service meant figuring out how to use the landline, or attempting FaceTime. We videochatted them for a little bit and were just thrilled to begin this chapter in our lives.



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