Susan and Chris

Image 1 of Susan and Chris

How We Met

We have known each other for 10 years but have been officially dating for 8 years. We met through his cousin in which I went to high school with. I was in my senior year and prom was coming up! I asked him and we went together. We have been together ever since! ?

how they asked

A few months ago Chris planned our summer trip to his homeland, Curaçao, and he told me he was working on the possibility of taking me to swim with dolphins but it wasn’t a guarantee! He knew that was on my bucket list! On the morning of Tuesday, July 12th he came into the kitchen and said put on your bathing suit we’re going to swim with dolphins at the Curaçao Dolphin Academy.

When we got there, we signed some paperwork and got right in. His brother, a photographer on the island came along to capture the moment. The trainer told us we’d be playing a game with the dolphins in which they would bring toy rings back and forth. At one point the dolphin came with a toy ring and Chris said look at the toy ring really well! And little did I know the ring was attached to the toy and he proposed!

Image 2 of Susan and Chris

It was the most perfect day!

2 dreams coming true in one day, swimming with dolphins and getting engaged to the man of my dreams! ??????