A Surprise Proposal on the Ice | Cecelia and JR

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How We Met: JR and I met in 2009 at a bar in downtown San Jose, California that we both frequently visited. A year and a half later, after occasional dates, we began seriously dating.

– Cecelia

The Proposal Story: Our proposal was quite elaborate. JR tricked me into thinking I was making him go ice skating with friends. My friend Amy called and invited me to go ice skating because her fiancé was just given a pair of skates. She told me she ran into JR the night before and asked him about it and he didn’t seem too interested. I, of course, immediately called him and said we were going. (He knew that would be my reaction!)

A few days later he told me he invited some friends, his parents, his sister and her fiancé. I scolded him for inviting so many people to watch our friend learn to skate. He said Amy told him to invite whoever he wanted. JR’s parents decided they didn’t want to go, but of course that was all a trick.

We arrived at Shark’s Ice in San Jose and I told my friend how amazing it was that we got a group of 10 people together all at the same time. Then we skated for a couple of hours.

We were playing around in the middle of the rink when JR’s sister handed me a white gift bag. I was definitely caught off guard. I opened it and pulled out a Sharks jersey that said “Mattos” on the back, my future last name.

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I immediately knew what was happening and when I looked up, JR was down on one knee pulling out a ring. I was so stunned that it took me a while to answer. Our friends told me to look up into the stands and there I saw my mom, dad, stepmom, JR’s parents, and two of my close friends holding up signs with the message “Will you marry me?”

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JR stood up and handed me the ring and I said “thank you” before saying “yes.” Everyone thought that was hilarious!

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My family met up on the side of the rink and we took a bunch of photos. After photos, we headed upstairs to Stanley’s, where JR’s sister had decorated a section for our engagement party.

Although I always wanted to get engaged at a Sharks game due to our passion for hockey, we knew that they didn’t allow proposals on the ice during games. It was special that JR imitated my dream proposal in the best way possible and arranged for my family to fly up from Southern California to join us and our friends for this once in a lifetime moment.

– Cecelia

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diamond_round_2_0The Ring:
 I wanted a round halo ring with diamonds down the sides. JR looked through my Pinterest page and saw that I had pinned similar rings.

He took a few photos to Shane Co. and picked out the most perfect ring. My ring is beautiful and has a feminine vintage look that I adore.

– Cecelia

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