Kiersten and Zachary's Surprise Proposal on Baker Beach

Surprise Proposal on Baker Beach

The day started out like any normal Saturday, although it was a Thursday because I took the day off work.

Being in a long distance relationship from day one (the Bay to LA), causes us to function in vacation mode each time one another visits our respective cities.

We feasted at our favorite breakfast spot, Stacks, and decided to go play in San Francisco for the day.

He took me to the Exploratorium and we “killed time” there, as he explains it.

Then he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date.

This may seem pretty obvious for most but I had anticipated, talked about, and tried to figure out his plans to propose for over 5 months.

I had given up guessing when he was going to do it and figured he was faking me out by taking me to such an iconic restaurant-which he admits that he was. Normally, I would make a joke about how it would be a perfect place to propose, but I didn’t that night.

Then, he suggested we go for a drive by the coast which was fine with me.

Surprise Proposal on Baker Beach

He pulled up to Baker Beach pretending to have no idea what the place was even though he had secretly been there the day before mapping out his action plan. He said, “Let’s go walk up to the Golden Gate Bridge.” I love a good adventure so of course I agreed. As we walked along the beach up to the bridge, I noticed a set up of candles, a blanket, banners and even photographers. I thought, “Oh great, someone else is getting proposed to and it’s not gonna be me. Another one bites the dust!” As I was thinking this, we started walking over to the setup. I was confused and started to tugĀ his arm back to the beach. He kept walking over to the setup and then I knew!

Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco_8

I got butterflies on the spot and couldn’t wipe the huge smile off my face. My cheeks hurt and my thoughts started going in all different directions. “How did he plan this? He didn’t even seem nervous this whole day! Did he ask my parents for permission? Well, they must have said yes cuz he is here now! Wow! He really is doing this!”

Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco_2

He read me Ephesians 4:1-4 which talks about our aspirations as a couple to be united in one spirit and patient with each other. He made an adorable speech about how he feels about me and our relationship.

Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco_4

Then, he got down on one knee and asked the infamous question, “Will you marry me?”

Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco_3

I did not even have to think about my answer because I know that I love this man more than he loves himself.

Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco_5

After that, he turned me around to show me that my family and his family was spying on us behind the bushes.

Surprise Marriage Proposal in San Francisco_6

They came out and we all celebrated this amazing occasion. Then, he whisked me away to the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco where he had a bag packed for me and champagne waiting for us in the room. We giggled and talked all night about how he planned the proposal and how the events of the day went so smoothly.

Photo by Emily Jean Images