Surprise Proposal in the Woods

How We Met

I had just moved back home after completing my internship in Tucson. I was searching for a job endlessly and my highlight of each day was going to the gym, not because of the killer workouts, but because of a cute guy who worked there. I never had enough courage to chat with him more than the occasional “hi” as I walked by. During my workouts, I would daydream about ways to potentially give him my phone number. Little did I know, he would be the one asking me for it a few weeks later.

It all happened when a good friend of mine asked me to go to a trivia night at a local bar. I had never done trivia before and wasn’t really feeling up to it. My friend insisted that I joined so I got ready really quick and waited for him to pick me up. As I walked up to the bar, there he was, the cute guy from the gym! As my friend introduced me to “Braedon” I felt my cheeks get red and I blurted out, “I know you! You work at my gym.” (Braedon tells me now that he pretended he didn’t know who I was but he secretly did). We sat across from each other at trivia and ended up chatting the whole time. He was interesting, genuine, and someone I knew I needed to get to know better. A few days later, my friend who had taken me to trivia, sent me a text message asking if he could give my number to Braedon. Thank goodness he did because he asked me out on a date soon after. He cooked me an amazing meal for our first date which sold me right there. We later found out that we were in the same second grade class as kids (if only that one girl wasn’t in between us in our class photo!). Almost five years later, I get to call that cute guy from the gym, my fiance’ and couldn’t be happier!

how they asked

A couple months prior, we decided to go up to Flagstaff, AZ with some of our best friends for Halloween. What could be better than being in a cozy cabin with friends on a cold Hallow’s Eve? Two of our friends, Amy and Jordan, are professional photographers and earlier in the week they told us to bring a fun fall outfit so they could snap a few pics of each of the couples (because that’s what you do when your best friends are photographers). One of the couples joining us (Erin and Aaron) was expecting a baby boy and Amy and Jordan wanted to take maternity photos of the two. They told us since we will already be out there that they would love to take photos of each of the couples too but that Erin and Aaron were the priority. Little did I know the day was actually revolved around us. Amy and Jordan even told me that Braedon and I might not get the chance to take our pictures because of the weather. It was rainy and the clouds were not wanting to cooperate. I had even told Braedon that I was over it and didn’t even care to take the photos anymore. Amy and Jordan continued taking photographs of Erin and Aaron, then took shots of our other friends and when it finally came to our time they said the weather was in our favor and we could get a few. I stood up there with my boyfriend taking photos like it was just an ordinary photo shoot. Amy posed us like she does for all of her clients. What I didn’t know was that Braedon had called Jordan earlier that week to plan the proposal during the photo shoot. Amy told Braedon to whisper something in my ear that he loved about me he said. “I am sorry that I lied to you. I wasn’t at the store last weekend like I said I was, I was at your parents house asking your dad for permission.” I looked at him in disbelief and thought he was joking! As he got down on one knee, I realized that this was in fact happening. My boyfriend was proposing and I said “Of course!”. All you could hear were the snaps of the camera. I couldn’t stop staring, I had a ring on my finger and cried in excitement. This day turned out to not be about the maternity pics, but instead was about the proposal that my friends all knew about.

I had just told Amy a couple hours before while we were getting ready that there was no way Braedon would ever be able to surprise me. I was surprised. I was in shock. Thank goodness Amy and Jordan were there to take these pictures because I wouldn’t have remembered this special moment without them.

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the most sincere, loving, and handsome man I have ever met.

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