Madison and Tanner's Surprise Proposal at the Beach

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How We Met: Tanner and I met at Utah Valley University where we both became victims of the “move to Provo and marry the first person you date” stereotype. We were both roped into taking a learning communities class which is where you have two classes with the same group of people. On the first day we both walked in, took one look at the class, and thought it was going to be a long semester cause there wasn’t anyone cute in the class (cause heaven forbid we actually go to school to learn).

We didn’t notice each other until one day when we were forced to sit next to each other for a get to know you activity. I must have charmed his socks off cause that weekend he asked me on a date. Which I had to respectfully decline because of…. Yep, you guessed it, dance! But don’t you worry because Tanner took the rejection like a champion and asked me out again the following weekend.

Our first date was on February 6th. We went on a double date to Park City where we ate pizza for dinner (score) and then watched a scary movie (double score). The whole entire movie we sat about a Bible, Book of Mormon and an Ensign lengths apart with our arms folded and I was utterly convinced that he hated me. But after the movie he loosened up a bit and played with my hair and talked about his mission for about five hours. RM’s man. I called and told my friend Sierra that night that I loved him andddd the rest is history…

how they asked: Tanner and I had been dating for about six months at this point and I kid you not on March 15th I wrote in my journal that we thought we were going to get married and that we had jokingly/kinda seriously decided to get married on October 30th. I wanted nothing more than to be engaged to Tanner and I was getting very anxious. He came with me and my family to California where we were staying in Newport and going to Disneyland a couple of times.

I had it all figured out in my mind… I was practically convinced he was going to propose in Disneyland because it is a well known fact that it is my favorite place on planet Earth. (Also, I may have accidentally seen a text that his mom sent my mom that said, “Tanner brought home the ring today, it’s gorgeous.” Oopps. I promise I wasn’t snooping, just happened to see it!) Before the trip I had gotten my nails done, hair done, I even whitened my teeth cause I was so sure it was going to happen.

On the first day when we went to Disneyland I was searching for any signs of weirdness from my family because they are professional secret ruiners. My brother in law was carrying this weird back pack thing for no apparent reason and I figured the ring was in there. They also insisted that we went on splash mountain as our last ride of the day. At midnight. So we could drive home soaking wet. Makes sense right? Tanner and I had always had a joke that he was going to turn around and propose at the top of splash mountain so I figured that he would do it there just for the irony.

I was all prepped and ready as we were riding it. My anticipation growing as we were slowly inching up the huge hill… And. Nothing. Nada. I got soaked, but not engaged. And I was so sad. I can’t even describe the feeling cause I knew that eventually I would be engaged, I just was so upset in the moment because I thought I was going to be engaged in the Happiest Place On Earth during the sixty year DIAMOND celebration.

I mean come on! A couple days later Tanner and I went on a late night bike ride and we were talking on the beach. I came clean and told him I had accidentally found out that he brought the ring home. With out even batting an eyelash he looked me straight in the eye and told me he was really sorry. That he had brought the ring home but had to take it back to fix something that the jeweler had done wrong. He told me that the ring was about three weeks out.

I was sad, but I knew it wasn’t his fault and it would be better cause I would be at home and his whole family would be able to be there. I convinced myself that everything was okay and to just be patient. The next day I picked off my beautiful manicure… Just to see if he would show any signs of distress about how ugly my hands were going to be. Nope, he helped me pick the nail polish off. Hahaha.

Saturday rolled around and my dad insisted that we drive two hours away to go to a beach to see some seals. Tanner said that he had been there and that the seals smelled bad, I was not super thrilled to be spending my last day in California on a smelly beach. But hey, whatever right? The car ride was FOREVER long and when we got there my dad said he couldn’t remember which beach it was. Tanner told him that me and him could go and look at the first beach while the rest of them looked at the other one and then we could call each other and meet up.

I didn’t even realize what was happening… Not when me and Tanner were alone together in a beautiful location, not when my dad handed him some binoculars. Nothin. I thought we were going to see some smelly seals. It was a perfect day, the sky was so blue and we were up on a cliff that overlooked the ocean and the whole entire coast. We wandered around a bit and used the binoculars to look at some of the giant mansions around us.

We were walking towards the end of the trail and I went to look over the edge to see if the seals were down at the bottom. Instead written on the white sandy beach was, “Maddie Jane… Marry Me?”

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I thought I was being punked. I looked back at Tanner who at this point was down on one knee pulling the ring out of his SOCK. Charming right? ;) I have never been so surprised in my life. I just kept saying over and over “Are you serious??”

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He put the beautiful ring on my finger and then picked me up in a giant hug. After a second I looked at him and said, “I don’t think I even said yes.” to which he replied, “I don’t think I even asked.” Hahaha my knees were shaking so bad and I had the biggest smile plastered to my face. I looked down at the beach again and saw that both my family and Tanner’s family were there cheering.

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Tanner’s family had flown in that morning and set everything up and were there so surprise me and see everything happen. It was definitely the best day of all twenty years of my life. Plus, the day we got engaged was 7/11 so every year we can celebrate with free slurpees.

I can not wait to marry the man of my dreams on October 30, 2015. This will be the greatest adventure yet.