Surprise Proposal at Dance Teacher's Recital

Surprise Proposal at Dance Teacher's Recital

How we met: CJ and I met one day while I was babysitting for a mutual friend (Robin) while they were away. CJ was with two guys (Dan & Jon) redoing Robin’s bathroom. I came home to Robin’s house with the girls and was scared when I realized someone was in the house. I went inside to find the three guys working on the bathroom. I put the girls to bed and then sat on the stairs and talked to the 3 guys (I only knew Dan ). I thought CJ was the cockiest guy because he didn’t say barely two words. Jon and Dan talked to me the whole time. Although I thought CJ was very good looking, I didn’t like him because I thought that he felt he was too good to talk to me. Six months later I was standing on the sidewalk talking to Robin, when CJ and his friend Dave walked out of the chinese buffet. CJ turned to his friend Dave and said “that is the girl, that is her….that is the girl I have been looking for”. I went to work and Robin saw CJ in the parking lot and talked to him. A few days later I had a date that didn’t work out so well and was telling Robin about the not so great date I had the night before. All of a sudden, Robin was like “I know the perfect guy for you, but I don’t know if he is taken or how old he is.” She then three wayed Dan to ask him if CJ was single and get some more info on him. Dan didn’t really know, so they decided that they would invite both of us to card night at Robin’s house. We both showed up and talked very little but knew that we both liked each other. After many hours CJ left and I was left to wonder if he was interested in me. Dan said he would call him and talk to him tomorrow. Come to find out CJ didn’t have a cell phone (yet until we started dating of course). CJ went over to Dan’s and the guys told him to call me. We then set up a date and ever since then we were inseperable. We went to Perkins and got dessert for our first date. CJ was so into talking to me and hearing what I was saying that he stopped at every green light. 8 years later and here we are! :)

how they asked: On June 8th 2014, we had our 2nd annual dance recital at the Pleasant Valley High School. CJ secretly met with one of the students (Sarah) and had her make signs with a letter on each sign. He then met with the videogapher to fill him in on what was going to happen. He also talked with the lady in charge of the lighting and sound to make sure she knew what was going to happen and what song to play. At the end of the 2nd recital (the 4pm show) Sarah had me come out on stage to show me the “x” on the floor.

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I had no clue what she was trying to do and even said to her “what… I am confused the x has been here on purpose the entire show”). Sarah walked off the stage and I was left on the stage standing there by myself. A few seconds later a bunch of the girls started walking out each holding a big white sign. The song “I don’t dance” by Lee Brice started playing (which is perfect because he doesn’t dance and we both heard the song for the first time at Lee Brice’s concert…where he announced that this was going to be his new song. We both fell in love with it). I thought the girls were doing something special for me because they knew that was my favorite song and played it a lot in class. Then the magic began….one at a time each student started flipping their sign each with a letter on it, which spelt out “Will You Marrry Me”.

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The tears began to flow and out walked CJ in front of hundreds of people with a sign with a ? on it. He then came out and dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him! That was the happiest moment of my life and he couldn’t have done it a better way!

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Surprise Proposal at Dance Teacher's Recital high school marriage proposal_Proposal58_low high school marriage proposal_Proposal65_low

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