Andrew and Brooke's Surprise Marriage Proposal in Beaufort

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Andrew and Brooke met at an East Carolina University tailgate. In typical tailgating fashion, this later turned into dinner at a friends house where he scored her number and asked her out on their first date.

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The proposal day from Brooke’s standpoint: He took me to one of our favorite restaurants (Clawson’s) downtown Beaufort where he totally faked me out at dinner by telling me to give him my hand and close my eyes.

Well, he ended up giving me a watch (a very beautiful watch at that) but it was not what I was expecting. We later walked down to the waterfront where a bride was having her portraits taken. I remember just being so annoyed that he was bombarding on some beautiful girls bridal portraits and finally I think he got enough of an earful from me about us being in her way that he finally got down on one knee.

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I later found out that the bride was really our photographers in disguise. haha! Needless to say, I was very surprised and caught off guard by his proposal!

Photos by Magnolia Photography