Amy and Nick's Surprise Marriage Proposal at Joshua Tree

Image 1 of Amy and Nick

how we met

We met the first month during our Freshmen year of college. He worked as a part-time children’s swim instructor at our campus gym. The first time I saw him, I was leaving the gym and saw him teaching a group of 5-year-olds how to stay afloat. I found myself watching him for 15 minutes and finally left to meet up with my cousin (another freshmen on campus). My cousin and I hung out at his dorm when a cute boy popped his head in to say hi. I recognized him right away as the swim instructor I watched earlier and the rest is history. We went on to spend the next 8 years together. We’ve been inseparable and have grown up together.

Image 2 of Amy and Nick

how they asked

Last month, a good friend of ours, who happens to be an amazing photographer, planned with my soon to be fiance to ask us to do a photoshoot at Joshua Tree National Park. Not thinking twice, I agreed and planned for a fun day of dressing up and taking pictures.

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To my surprise, he dropped to one knee during the photoshoot. I am so lucky to have such a perfect moment in our lives photographed forever and a wonderful partner to lead me on every adventure.

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Special Thanks

Joey Photo
 | photographer