Katelyn and Antero's Surprise Marriage Proposal at a Rangers Game

I knew Antero was different when his idea for our second date was taking me to a Rangers game. It meant 1) He really listened to everything I said on our first date and 2) He REALLY wasn’t like the rest of the guys out there. He had surprised a few months later with a custom jersey with my last name and my favorite number- his thoughtfulness was so pure, I just knew this was the real thing.

Fast forward a little less than two years and we were planning another special night at the Rangers game. My brother and sister were coming and we were going to get to take photos on the ice at Madison Square Garden. I was overwhelmed with excitement… of course, blissfully unaware that it would be the most romantic and happiest night of my life.

Following the game (they won!) we were walking onto the ice and Antero hands me a new Rangers jersey, confused I turn around and see that this time the jersey has my future last name on it! I looked up and my prince was down on one knee… I couldn’t believe how perfect the moment was. Once I caught my breathe I said YES… as Billy Joel played over the sound system and people in the stands cheered, we kissed and basked in that perfect moment- it felt like a fairytale…

Image 1 of Katelyn and Antero

Image 2 of Katelyn and Antero

Image 3 of Katelyn and Antero

Image 4 of Katelyn and Antero

Special Thanks

Michelle Farsi
 | Michelle Farsi Photography