Jessica and Chris's Surprise Homecoming Proposal

Surprise Homecoming Proposal

How we met: On March 18, 2013 I was working on a slow Monday night at the local bar and grill in the small college town I lived in. I had never seen this handsome, tattooed, cowboy-boot wearin’ man in before. Chris completely caught me off guard right away. He was from the south, respectful, and when he kept smiling at me I knew I was in trouble. One of my friends that was also up there that night told everyone “They are going to get married!” From that night we were crazy about each other. We spent every waking minute that we possibly could, together. I even told my mom that I would marry him after knowing him for six days. Chris decided to get out of the military and in May took a job working as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan. We powered through it the best that we could, we learned more about each other, we became even stronger than we already were, but it was the longest six months of my life.


how they asked: When Chris was in Afghanistan for all of two days he said “When I get home I’m asking you. I’m not waiting any longer!” My mouth dropped! There went the surprise factor, so I thought. After waiting and waiting for November to arrive it was FINALLY here! My best friend Molly flew in from Oklahoma on Thursday November 13th to help me pick out cute outfits for the day he came home (the 16th I thought) and for our engagement pictures (Since I knew the engagement was coming I wanted to be sure to get them during his R&R).

Chris and I were born on the 13th and it is our lucky number, so while shopping Molly said “since it’s your lucky day we are going to y’alls favorite place to eat tonight, I made reservations at 6:30!” I even asked “What, is he going to be there or something?!” Somehow everyone through me off completely. Chris had been telling me for weeks that before he got to come home he had to go on another trip to a different base that had bad service where he had been before so I really didn’t think much of it.

We get to the restaurant and they start to walk us to the backroom. That is when I heard the music and I thought “I’ve never seen musicians play in this backroom?” and that is when he looked up at me. I still didn’t think he was going to ask me on this day. Our friends and family showed up shortly after and we all had an amazing dinner filled with candlelight, rose petals, and pictures of us everywhere. I kept staring at him thinking, I cannot believe you are really here in front of me. I couldn’t believe he was really home and now he was my fiancé. He was able to spend a few weeks home before heading back. I am just the luckiest girl in the world to be loved by this man, I truly believe that we are meant for each other, and I cannot wait to steal his last name!

Engagement Photo by: Chelsea and Mack Mcgowan