Surprise Birthday Party turns into Engagement Party for Katie and Kevin

How We Met: Kevin and I met in the fall of 2010 at a Halloween party. We both recently moved into Boston and shared a handful of mutual friends. Kevin walked over to me and introduced himself. I acknowledged the hello, however the conversation didn’t last much longer than that. It was over the next several weeks of hanging out in the same social circle we started to go on dates. From there, the rest is history!


how they asked: Kevin rented a hotel room in the north end of Boston for my birthday. He told me that he had a couples massage, dinner and drinks out with a few friends on the line up. As we took a cab over to dinner (he wouldn’t tell me where we were going) we pulled up to a very nice restaurant/bar on the waterfront in Boston. As we walked into the restaurant, ALL of my friends and family were standing there yelling “SURPRISE!!” Turns out Kevin had rented out the entire restaurant to throw me a surprise birthday party. He even hired a local band to play for the event! About a half hour into the party, Kevin got on the mic and gave a very heartfelt speech about how we met, our years together and the future he envisions. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. He then exclaimed to the whole party, “Welcome to our engagement party!!” Surprising EVERYONE at the party…..