Jordan and Taylor's Surprise Birthday Proposal

Surprise Birthday Marriage ProposalHow We Met: In 2009 Jordan and Taylor began working together at the local YMCA, little did they know they would soon be much more than co-workers. After a year of working together closely, Jordan invited Taylor over to his apartment to hang out for his birthday. They carved pumpkins and he cooked his signature dinner, cinnamon rolls. From then on the two continued to hang out casually and talk constantly.

Jordan officially asked Taylor on a date shortly after Thanksgiving and on December 1st the two attended the annual YMCA Gala that had an auction and dinner. While at the auction, Jordan and his co-worker decided to bid on a beach house at Ocracoke Island. After successfully winning the bid on the house for a trip to Ocracoke for six, it was quickly decided that Taylor would go with Jordan to the beach. After the Gala, the two continued to talk, go and dates, work together and grow closer.

how they asked: Jordan and Taylor had been talking about getting married and taking their relationship to the next level. Jordan insisted that he wanted his proposal to be a complete and total surprise so he would not do it on a major holiday or Taylor’s birthday. So when Jordan asked Taylor to clear her schedule on her birthday, she thought nothing of it, even telling her friends at a small birthday get together on Friday that it would not be happening the next day.

Taylor actually “hates” surprises and feels the need to always have a plan so as soon as she found out Jordan was planning something, she immediately started asking questions. Jordan said that they would be going for a nice lunch and then going to collect her gifts that were located in many different places and then ending the day with a nice dinner that evening. Jordan picked Taylor up after she spent the morning agonizing over what to wear for her surprise day and they were off to Reynolda Village for a delicious lunch at Silo. During lunch, Jordan was constantly checking his phone and monitoring the time to make sure they were on time to pick up her first gift.

At 2:05 Jordan said that they needed to hurry up and eat because they needed to be at the next location by 2:30 they gobbled down the rest of their lunch and once they were done Jordan said he had to go to his truck to grab his pocket knife. Taylor didn’t even question why he needed his knife even texting her friends that he had gone to get his knife so he could open some boxes with her present at the next place. After walking towards the next spot, Jordan grabbed his phone saying that now the people were running behind so they had some time to kill. He suggested walking around the Reynolda Gardens. Taylor insisted on going into the shop before walking around and she tried to exit to the garden through a back door that was locked.

The couple left the shop and walked around the long way through gravel. Taylor had on new birthday shoes from her mom, so she had to stop and take them off before continuing. As they were walking to find a bench to sit in, there was a couple on a bench and they were all over each other showing a little bit too much affection. Taylor made a comment and Jordan simply ignored her and lead her to a bench. While they were sitting and chatting, Jordan said that it was time for Taylor to get her first present and he pulled out a ring box, got down on his knee and simply said, “what do you think?” Taylor was so excited and the ring was beautiful.

Luckily the couple with the major PDA were the photographers that were covering up their cameras that Jordan had hired to capture this special moment for them. After revealing where the photographers were hidden, the couple was able to pose for special pictures. Once the shock had worn off Taylor immediately wanted to call her family and friends but Jordan asked her to wait until after dinner. After running around for a couple of hours, Taylor was ready to head home and change and stare at her pretty ring before dinner.

When they arrived at Jordan’s house, all of their family and friends were there for a surprise birthday party that Jordan has planned for her. Little did the guests know, the two had a surprise to them. They were engaged! Everyone was eager to share in Jordan and Taylor’s excitement and to start talking about a wedding!

Surprise Birthday Marriage Proposal

Surprise Birthday Marriage Proposal

Surprise Birthday Marriage Proposal

Jordan and Taylor (7)

Jordan and Taylor (8)

Jordan and Taylor (9)

Jordan and Taylor (11)

Jordan and Taylor (15)

Jordan and Taylor (17)

Jordan and Taylor (23)

Special thanks: Lauren and David Clark of DesiLu Photography, and all of our friends and family who kept the secret and for arranging the surprise party!

Photography by: Lauren and David Clark of DesiLu Photography