Surin and Bina

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how we met

Surin and I met through mutual friends at a New Years Eve party and when we were introduced I immediately thought he was handsome, but had to play it cool. Surin must have felt the same way because I like to tease him that we was like a “little puppy” following me all night long. I was making him work for my attention and playing a little hard to get but, thankfully, he didn’t give up on me. As it neared midnight I noticed he was lingering extra close so when the countdown started I locked eyes with him, my jig was up, no more hard to get. As the clock ticked 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 we rang in 2014 with the best New Years Eve kiss I have ever had. After that night, we were inseparable and our love for one another has only grown with time. I knew early on that this handsome, kind man would be a great husband. He has always put so much time and energy into making me happy, and our proposal was an example of this. He is everything I always wanted and I cannot wait to say “I do.”

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how they asked

I had decided that I wanted to propose to Bina this fall and started planning the perfect proposal months before. I swore my two best friends to secrecy and asked for their help putting my proposal together. For such a special moment I also knew we would want it captured with photos and I contacted a photographer to hide during the proposal and catch every moment. I planned the whole thing to take place at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond in Lincoln Park, which is a gorgeous private lily pond in the middle of the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. I contacted the Chicago Park District and they agreed to shut public access to the pond one hour before closing so I could propose privately to my girlfriend. My friends agreed to show up 1 hour before show time to set up and meet the photographer. I created custom signs with love quotes printed on them that would line the stone walkway that would be covered with fresh red rose petals – all laid out by my friends. My buddies also brought along a speaker to play me and Bina’s song as we arrived.

I planned the proposal to be the week before Bina’s birthday and told her I had a day planned for her birthday celebrations to throw her off. The entire day was a surprise, I showed up at her apartment at 8am and said I have the whole day planned, we started off at a spa where I had a couples massage scheduled and I had informed her to bring a nice dress for a fancy dinner later in the evening. A limo picked us up at the spa and little did Bina know that instead of taking us to a birthday dinner it would take us to the Lily Pond where I was going to pop the question.

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As we walked into the park I told her to take one walkway as I took another. As she rounded the corner and went up the stairs she could see the walkway lined with the signs with quotes and the roses under her feet.

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As she got to the top of the stone steps I had set up a portable DVD player with a personalized slideshow of our relationship and a simple sign that said “play me”, as she watched the story of how we met and all the great memories we have had together I came up the other side of the walkway and took her hand.

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I told her that I could not imagine life without her by my side, and then I got down on my knee and asked her to be my wife.

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One of my favorite photos is the one of her smiling down at me with equal parts shock and joy on her face. After some tears and hugs our photographer took us aside to get some photos of us with the Chicago Skyline as well as by the Lily Pond.

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