Supriya and Shresh

How We Met

I met Shresh through our friend Amy, when I was 18. After crossing paths on social media – we would always keep tabs on each other but through Amy. The timing was never right, however, we remained at the back of each others mind. We tried to reach out to each other several times. The first time was when I was 21 and I was in Miami. I told him we needed to stop being only social media friends and finally get together and even sent him my number. The next day, I regretted it and I regretted it even more when I never got a text. A few months later, Amy was planning to do her 21st birthday in Atlantic City and he asked me if I would be going (answer – obviously, she is my bestie) but the plans never ended up happening. I still saw him that year for her birthday but we barely spoke because we were both too shy. We remained social media friends only exchanging comments on Snapchat and our dogs’ instagram posts. For mine and my two other friends’ 24th birthday, we planned a trip to Atlantic City in Feb 2015. Shresh coincidently has the same birthday as my best friend, Kim. Again, I texted him to wish him and received no answer. In September 2015, on Harley’s (my dog) birthday, Shresh wished Harley and asked me if I still had the same number. I said I did and I received a text from a number that I hadn’t had saved as his in my phone. We started talking for a little bit and then he just stopped answering so I was kind of uninterested because the conversation was moving slow. The next day he told me he fell asleep early because he was sick. Oops ?. We continued talking for a few weeks and even meet up socially several times, the first time being Halloween 2015. We were due to go out on our first actual date and I was so nervous.

Both him and my sister were at the same restaurant one evening so I told her to meet him to see what he’s like. Two weeks later, we finally go on our first date on November 12th, 2015. We had a bumpy start and got in a fender bender with a taxi and I was still so nervous (I even took two shots before). But regardless of that, it was the best first date ever and went so smoothly. I saw him a few days later and we continued to see each other frequently. I knew I would be with Shresh forever. I always call him sweet talker, but he isn’t. That is just who he is, he always knows how to make me laugh and feel like I really am one in 8 billion. On June 12, 2016 he FINALLY asked me to be his girlfriend after he says a short speech, he even gave me a gorgeous diamond necklace. Like I said before – he just wants to make me smile. A few months later on September 23rd, 2016, he asked me to go to Central Park for a boat ride, I was so sick but I got a picnic delivery and went anyway. I am so happy that I did because in the middle of the pond under the sweltering hot sun, Shresh told me he loved me and he knows I am the one for him. I stood up in the boat and almost tipped it. Several months later, we took a 2 week trip to Iceland and it was the best vacation I have ever been on. It was a two week adventure with the best boyfriend in the entire world. We continue to explore numerous different restaurants and always plan dinner date surprises for each other. Eventually, we talked about getting married and despite all the good and all the bad (there is not much), there is nobody else I would ever want to be with and I feel like 18 year old me knew that.

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how they asked

We decide to start a quarterly dinner date with our group of friends or “Quad Squad”. At the end of the dinner, its one of our friends’, Matt, turn to pick the next date and spot. He says he wants to do December 9th, 2017, and Shresh instantly says no. I asked him to see the calendar and he didn’t have anything listed but said that we might be at dinner for his aunts birthday on December 8th. I became so busy with classes and so stressed out that the only time I saw Shresh is at the gym and when we do see each other outside of that – we just fall asleep from exhaustion. We were not speaking as much because of our conflicting schedules and I told him that I can’t wait to be done so we can see each other more often. In mid November he told me that he has a work holiday party at Cresthollow Country Club on December 9th. I told him I would attend even though I had several final papers due the following Monday. Then he tells me that we have to go to dinner for his aunts birthday on December 8th, I agree to that as well because Shresh always comes to every event that I have to attend regardless of his schedule and I tell myself that I will write a 20 page paper in one day (on that following Sunday) and Shresh tells me how much he appreciates me making time for all these get togethers.

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We went shopping on Black Friday and Shresh bought a burgundy suit for his holiday party and asks me to get something fancy. I got a burgundy velvet jumpsuit and he tells me “no way, I want you to wear a dress”. (He never tells me what to wear) So then I ordered a burgundy velvet dress to match his suit for this holiday party. All my friends and family make sure I have my nails and eyebrows done for the holiday party (thank you guys ?). During the first snowfall of 2017, on December 9th, we arrive at Cresthollow Country Club for the holiday party. We are directed into a ball room and when I finally look up I realize I am walking on a carpet full of rose petals and candles and at the end of the carpet there is a heart made out of candles filled with rose petals. There is also two canvas’ of us on top of two illuminated stands and “MARRY ME” is written in lights surrounded by roses. The rest is history because I started balling my eyes out because I was amazed and blown away that my boyfriend had planned this perfect proposal for me. The only two lines I remember are, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” Shresh hired a photographer so we took several pictures before they direct us to the bridal suite where there was champagne, personalized glasses (thanks to my sisters) and appetizers.

The host told us that we can remain in the bridal suite until the next party arrives. We called our parents and family and tell them we will see them soon at the house for dinner and drinks with the family. An hour and a half passes by and they never ask us to leave the bridal suite. At 615, somebody knocks on the door and our families walk into the bridal suite. Everybody is dressed up with their hair and makeup done. And I immediately freak out because I am not dressed appropriately. My fiancé had a beautiful gown picked out for me to change into and a makeup artist to do my hair and makeup since I had been crying from joy all evening. My sisters and mom brought me jewelry and shoes and everything I may need. At 715, the host tells us she is ready for us and we walk upstairs and are greeted by 100 of our closest friends and family for a surprise engagement party. Full of dancing, crying, laughing, and memories. I always said I didn’t want an engagement party but I had a perfectly planned proposal and engagement party by the best fiancé in the entire world. I don’t know how I got so lucky or what I did to deserve such an amazing person. He went above and beyond to make this day everything I could have wanted and more because all he ever wants to do is make me happy. I can’t wait to spend forever with him.

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