Supermodel Gets A Big Surprise During Fake Photoshoot

supermodel marriage proposal-387How We Met:  Quiana and Dr. James first crossed paths in 2012. Dr. J received a call from a close friend one evening. Radhika explained to Dr. J that she had a friend (Quiana Grant) in New York that traveled to Dallas frequently. Radhika wondered if Dr. J would be available to show Ms. Grant the town. Being the Southern Gentlemen that he is, Dr. J did not hesitate to offer his hosting services to a friend of a friend without knowing any details about Ms. Grant.

When the moment was right, Dr. J sent Ms. Grant an introductory email offering to take her on an amazing three hour journey which would allow her to experience the true essence of Texas. As fate would have it, Ms. Grant was actually in Dallas the afternoon Dr. J’s email appeared on her iPhone screen. Ms. Grant replied immediately with her mobile information. Dr. J called Ms. Grant and they had a lovely conversation. Dr. J even had the opportunity to speak with Mama Grant, since she was in town enjoying the amenities of the Four Seasons with her daughter. Ms. Grant asked if she should wear heels. Dr. J explained to Ms. Grant that the endeavor they would enjoy would be quite casual, an environment consisting of two new friends simply hanging out and having a good time. The encounter would certainly not be considered a date, as Dr. J does not do blind dates.

Dr. J arrived at the Four Seasons Las Colinas that evening and sent Ms. Grant a text letting her know that he was waiting in the lobby by the bar. A waitress approached Dr. J and offered a beverage. Dr. J explained to the young lady that he was waiting for a hotel guest. The waitress asked an odd question. “Why didn’t you wait in the car?” Shocked and appalled yet always maintaining his polished demeanor, Dr. J replied, “Because chivalry is not dead, and southern gentlemen come inside to properly greet a new female acquaintance.” The bartender overheard the conversation and commended Dr. J’s values, then engaged in the following dialogue:

Bartender: “Who are you pickin’ up?”

Dr. James: “Quiana Grant”

Bartender: “Oooohhhhhhhhh, Ms. Grant. The Supermodel.”

Dr. James: (*with a crazy confused look on his face) “Excuse me?????????????????”

Bartender: “Oh yes, Ms. Grant has been staying with us frequently for the last 5 years. She shoots for Neiman Marcus here in Las Colinas.”

Dr. James: “Shut the front door!!”

At that very moment the middle elevator door opened and a mysterious gust of wind traveled from the front door through the lobby gently pushing Ms. Grant’s hair up as she stepped off the elevator. It was as if she had stepped directly off the elevator into a Beyoncé music video.

Dr. James quickly regained his composure and greeted Ms. Grant with charm and poise. As the evening progressed Dr. James learned that Ms. Grant’s inner beauty surpassed her stunning outer beauty. It was the beginning of something truly incredible.

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how they asked: For weeks, Dr. James had been planning a fake photoshoot for Quiana. Since she did photoshoots very frequently, she thought absolutely nothing of it. Per usual, Quiana got prepped for the shoot and hopped in front of the camera strutting gorgeous poses for  a Neiman Marcus editoiral… or so she thought. In the middle of the shoot, Dr. James shows up and you can tell how happy (and surprised) Quiana was just to be seeing him.

Then Dr James said this:

“Hi honey, you look beautiful.I just wanted to tell you something—sorry to interrupt the shoot, everybody. I wanna tell you that you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I love you with all my heart. Your compassion, your kindness to others, God truly sent me an angel.

Quiana Grant, will you marry me?”

(Cue shrieks, tears and jumps of joy.)

Quiana clearly said yes and then shared that she had a dream the night before that they got engaged. After a few minutes of smiling, laughing, crying, kissing, hugging and everything in between, she looked down at the ring and a whole new outburst began when she realized how beautiful it was.

Enjoy the video! It’s precious!

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