Raymond and Josanna's Super Sweet Marriage Proposal in Barcelona

Image 1 of Josanna and Raymond

how we met

I was introduced to Josanna through one of her cousins, Colleen. I was friends with Colleen, and a group of us were planning a trip to Argentina in May of 2011. Josanna had just broken up with her boyfriend, and wanted to getaway for a little. We all decided to meet up at Seadog Sushi for dinner and get to know each other prior to our trip, and that was the first time we met.

After the trip, Josanna and I maintained a relationship as friends for about a year. We figured that the best relationships start off as friends, and finally made it official after a bottle of wine on July 27th, 2012. We’ve been attempting to travel the world since.

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how they asked

She said Yes! Everything went well with the proposal. My planning began in the middle of February of 2014 as soon as we booked our Rome/Barcelona trip. I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. How can I not propose in one of the most romantic cities in the world? The first thing I did was research. I knew I needed someone to capture the huge moment. I came across multiple photographers, although fell in love with the work of Veronica Hansen. Not only was she talented, but she was the “woman on the ground” to help me plan out this proposal thousands of miles away. This was huge since she was very familiar with Barcelona. She is responsible for putting my vision into action. After a couple emails, we found a nice little cafe called La Candela in Plaza de Sant Pere. I immediately knew it was perfect location to have my proposal.

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Moving forward on the day of the proposal. Veronica Hansen arrived at La Candela 30 mins prior with the white balloons and cupcakes. I was very particular with making sure the white balloons were there, and to no surprise Veronica pulled through. She informed the waitress that we will be arriving shortly and to present the balloons to Josanna 10 minutes after sitting down. As soon as she gave Josanna the balloons, that’s when I “popped the question.”

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It was magical. What also made the day perfect, was taking additional engagement photos around town immediately. It was a perfect was to explore the city of Barcelona. We rented bikes and walked along the waterfront. That day we left a piece of our hearts in Barcelona.

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