Gorgeous Sunset Proposal

Image 1 of Gorgeous Sunset Proposal How we met: Alexis and I met when my family had moved from Texas to Utah. She was best friends with my sister for years and our families have known one another for a long time. She was always at my house and the funny thing is we probably didn’t speak more than five words to each other. I left to Mexico and lived there for two years and by the time that i came home, my sister and Alexis had started to have new groups of friends so i didn’t see her at all. A few months went by when we saw each other across the room at a party. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she had become in the last few years. I got her number and the following week we went on our first date and from there it was obvious for me that i wanted to be with her forever.

how they asked: The day I proposed to Alexis I had taken all day trying to set up where i was going to “pop the question”. I had taken work off to make sure i was ready for it. First we went to our favorite restaurant and had an amazing meal, while we were driving home on the freeway I made sure i was in, what seemed like, the wrong lane and couldn’t exit. We got off the next exit where it took us through a canyon, we pulled off the road at a little trail head. I conveniently packed a pair of shoes that would be more comfortable for her to hike in and we went on a little adventure. Guiding us on the trail were lanterns with candles, by this point Alexis knew what was going to happen. When we reached the top of the trail, awaiting us was a two chairs and a table with a bouquet of roses and Martinelli, right behind was a barb-wire fence with all the pictures we had taken of each other from while dating and to make things better I had playing our favorite song, Magic by Colbie Caillat. I had hidden three cameras set up by one of my good friends and we watched as the sun set talking about our lives together, as the sun was setting that is when I asked!

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Photos and Video by Parker Walbeck