Jekyll Island Sunset Proposal

Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset23 - EJJosiah and I met our freshman year of college. We were introduced by mutual friends while attending Sunday night swing dancing at a park near our college. We became dancing partners, fast friends and soon boyfriend and girlfriend!

Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset19 - EJJosiah and I are entering our senior year of college in a few days. This summer we spent apart working internships for school; I worked in Ireland and he in his hometown of Chattanooga. So, we were pretty excited to get to see each other and then leave on family vacation (with his family) to Jekyll Island Georgia when I returned. Jekyll is really cool place for Josiah because it has been a place of fond memories for him and for his family for at least three generations. A few weeks before I left Ireland though, I received a facebook message from his sister-in-law, Sarah Becker Lillard of Sarah Becker Photography, asking if we might like to do a quick photo shoot while at Jekyll since it was such a beautiful location, to which we answered yes. So the day of the photo shoot came we were almost rained out but the clouds cleared just in time to catch the sunset. We started out in the adorable historic district, with the lovely cottages.

Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset1_sbp_lillard-_MG_8740 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset2 - EJ Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset3_sbp_lillard-_MG_8878

Then we moved to a bridge spanning a salt marsh, surrounded by trees draped in Spanish moss that were glistening with the rain that had just passed. Sarah was directing us to different poses then Josiah says, “I think I have a pose for us to try.” He got down on one knee right then and said, “Emily, I love you more than anything in the world. Will you be my wife?” So, I cried then, I said, “Yes!” then we finally got to share our first kiss that we had been saving for engagement! Then we finished off the shoot on the beautiful Driftwood Beach. I’m so glad that he arranged with Sarah to catch these precious moments in her beautiful pictures! It was such a wonderful surprise! Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset4 - EJ Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset5_sbp_lillard-_MG_8939 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset6 - EJ Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset7_sbp_lillard-_MG_8963 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset8 - EJ Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset9_sbp_lillard-_MG_9010 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset10_sbp_lillard-_MG_9037 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset12_sbp_lillard-_MG_9100 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset13 - EJ Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset14_sbp_lillard-_MG_9131 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset16_sbp_lillard-_MG_9279 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset17 - EJ Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset24_sbp_lillard-_MG_9480 Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset32_sbp_lillard-_MG_9662

Proposal_Photos_Jekyll_Island_Sunset31 - EJ

Photos by Sarah Becker Photograpy