Sunny and Krishna

How we met

According to Facebook, Krishna and I have 97 mutual friends. Ironically, however, we didn’t meet through a single one of them. Instead, it took family, online dating, and fate for our paths to finally cross. I initially came across Krishna in 2014 through a mutual family friend. We instantly connected, but never really looked at each other as more than anything but friends. Perhaps because I was busy attending business school? Or perhaps because of the distance between us? (Krishna is from Pennsylvania and I am from New Jersey). Nonetheless, time passed, and we unfortunately lost touch.

Flash forward two years later, and guess who my brother and sister-in-law run into at a wedding? Yup, Krishna. They chatted it up, and needless to say – my brother and sister-in-law called me the next day to tell me great she is and how crazy I was to let her be “the one who got away”. It really hit home how much I missed her company, and I could not stop thinking about how different things would have been if we never lost touch.

Not so long after that, we connected again through online dating. I couldn’t believe it. I automatically clicked “like” not knowing if I would get a response. Thankfully, fate took its course, and she messaged me back asking – “Round 2?” It was the easiest decision I could make! I was determined not to let her slip away again, and I of course said yeah. We now regularly bicker about our favorite football teams – Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants, share our passion for travel, exploring cool new restaurants, or simply just spending time with family and friends. The rest has been history.

how they asked

Earlier on during the week of the proposal, we were invited to celebrate a pre-wedding BBQ for Sunny’s friend who was getting married. Coincidentally, this friend just happen to live nearby Asbury Park Beach, where Sunny first asked me out. It came to me as a surprise that a friend who is getting married in September would have a “pre-wedding” BBQ in June. So, yes, I thought I knew the big day was coming. I got my nails done (all my friends can vouch that I never do such a thing), had an outfit ready, make-up done and to add a cherry on top – I put lipstick on. I called my sister to ask how the lipstick looks and she laughed at me saying why in the world would I have lipstick on but little did she know that I knew! As I was making my way over, 1.5 hour drive, I kept looking at my fingers and saying to myself I wonder what kind of ring he got me. As I arrived, Sunny was out waiting for me at the Asbuy Hotel where he said we would grab some drinks before the BBQ.. As I was walking up, I was so nervous because I expected our friends and family to be there, and expected him getting down on one knee. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED!

Instead, he asked for us to get seated where no one would see us and just had a few drinks and laughs. The only thought in my head was, I got ready for no reason and spent money on getting my nails done for no reason. Two drinks in Sunny says to me, “Babe, I’m going to go use the bathroom”. A couple of minutes have now gone by, and he still isn’t back. I started to get curious.

As I’m waited for him, our waiter comes over to me with a bag and a card, and tells me to read the card first. When I read the letter, I barley could finish it because I couldn’t stop the tears from coming down my face. Everyone asked me if I was okay, or if something was wrong. I said no. The letter made me feel like I was the luckiest girl in the world!

On the back of the letter, Sunny drew a map and asked me to meet him at the beach. I quickly put on a dress packed for me in the bag, and attempted to make my way over to him. It was beautiful. 5,000 red rose pedals, champagne, candles, and a full moon. I was speechless with a puddle of tears.

He walked me over to the heart he made with roses and had our favorite song playing in the background. He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box, and asked me to spend forever with him! Just as I asked him he had my two sisters, brother-in-law, his brother and sister-in-law cheering for us on the boardwalk!
The ring was more than I could ever ask for, the proposal is more perfect that I imaged, and my fiancé is more than what I deserve!

Special Thanks

Jaye Kogut Photography
 | photographer