Sunny and Dario

How We Met: I was in a play at a local theatre that I didn’t particularly want to be apart of. I had agreed to join for a friend and felt guilty about dropping out. It was the very last rehearsal before opening night and I sat in my room, contemplating for hours about going to rehearsal. After debating for an hour I just decided to get up and go – not knowing this was going to be the day I would meet my future husband.

He was the cousin of another friend who was in the play and he was just visiting the island for the day. He came in through the back door of the theatre and everyone stopped and turned around. A friend of mine whispered to me how good looking he was but I just sort of shrugged and turned back around. He later told me he knew he was attracted to me when I smiled on stage and it completely changed my face.

That night a group of us decided to go out and about and he joined us. We talked and connected but I was pretty shy about it. He later asked me to drop him to the airport the next day – pretty dam forward of him but I agreed. It was in the car I realized how natural conversation with him was. He was an easy guy to talk to. I dropped him to the airport – we exchanged numbers and he promised he would call me. About an hour later he called saying his flight had been cancelled and would like to take me out that night. I was so nervous I begged one of my close friends to come with me. Yep- i took a date on our first date!

It was a low key date, we just grabbed a bite and hung around and talked. After a while my friend pretended she was really tired and left us to talk. We hit it off that night and well… the rest is history. He later admitted to me that his flight was never actually cancelled. He just decided to stay behind on a whim and see if I would go out with him.

how they asked:

I’ll set the scene for you (I’m a totally visual person, btw); it was a clear, full moon that night, a hidden island gazebo decorate with delicate sand-colored curtains and chic lounge chars, a  beautifully set table bathed in soft candlelight and tropical flowers to match my dress (which my sweet fiancé planned in advance), a menu designed exclusively for us, two bottles of Greg Norman Estates wine paired from the Manager’s Wine List, and the most perfect island breeze ever.


When asked by a passer-by what we were celebrating, my then-boyfriend answered, “We’re celebrating just being here in a perfect moment.” It was all just so perfect. After our first course the entertainment for the night, an amazing pianist and vocal impressionist, began his set in the distance. We ate, drank and reminisced about the first time we met listening to a cover of “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong under a flawless sky.

I must add that the candlelight dinner was white glove service with a private butler and our butler Chris was fantastic! There was also a photographer from Sandals’ photo shop who came and took pictures of us (to have this moment forever) and in hind-sight I don’t know how I didn’t pick up on what was about to happen. Maybe it was the wine.

After dessert (chocolate lava cake, yum!) the live entertainment stopped suddenly and a saxophonist who had performed a few days ago walked under the gazebo and personally serenaded us. I had remarked out loud earlier in the week that I thought he was amazing so unbeknownst to me my incredibly sweet boyfriend arranged for him to play two of my favorite songs just for us.

say yes

I was so hypnotized and lost in the music, I completely missed when my boyfriend got up from the table and walked around to my side. When I finally looked over to find him, he was in front of me down on one knee. I completely lost it.

Honestly, I barely remember what he said when he asked me to marry him but I remember the earnest look in his eyes and my astonishment at that ring (it was exquisite!). To make the night even better, two of my best friends had flown in for the night to surprise me and celebrate with us. I was so incredibly happy to have them there and we screamed together for at least an hour! Seriously – we were all hoarse the next day.


The live entertainment started up again and played My Girl as a pre-planned, congratulatory song to us as I tried to pull myself together long enough to hug everyone – I was a complete mess! I got a phone call right after he proposed from my parents because as it turned out, my fiance (gotta get used to that!) had written my dad a letter telling him why he wanted to marry me and had my sister deliver it to him at exactly 9pm – when he proposed.

I spent the next hour talking to friends and family as the phone calls started pouring in from literally everyone. Everyone knew he was going to propose to me at 9 pm that night and couldn’t wait to phone us up from back home! I swear, his proposal was the most coordinated moment ever. It was hands down the most memorable and exciting life of my night.


To top it all off, when we got back to our room our butler (he hired a butler for that night!) had decorated it with congratulatory notes and balloons, champagne and flowers, a rose petal bubble bath and the most exquisite towel swans I had ever seen. I’ll never forget that night.


Photos by: SnapShots Photography Studio