Sunny and Courtney

How we met

Courtney and I met each other in high school through a mutual friend of ours. The mutual friend had suggested I text Courtney because she was too shy to come talk to me in person at school, so I began texting with her. We had our first date 2 weeks later and haven’t stopped dating since. We have been together for 8+ years now and there is nobody I’d rather be with.

how they asked

Courtney is currently finishing her last year of veterinary school at OSU and is a huge animal lover. So naturally I thought the zoo would be a perfect place to propose. I booked a private tour for Courtney and I along with our two undercover photographers – since it was a tour they blended in perfectly.

Once we came to the giraffe exhibit, Courtney was turned around facing the giraffe ready to feed it, and when she turned back my way I was on one knee with the ring out asking her to marry me.

Special Thanks

Wilde Company
 | photographer