Sun-min and Kevin

How We Met

I met Kevin in 2008 when my secondary school hosted Kevin’s for a leadership conference. He was assigned to my “Spirit Group” which eventually led to us adding one another on Facebook. A year later both of our families went on separate vacations to Los Angeles for the summer. On their way back to Vancouver, I and Kevin bumped into one another at the Los Angeles airport where we coincidentally were on the same flight home. After briefly catching up, we exchanged numbers since I was starting school in Vancouver in the fall, and did not know anyone in the Vancouver area.

When I moved down to Vancouver, I kept in touch with Kevin but we were both busy with our schooling. Good acquaintances, but hardly on regular speaking terms. However, less than a year later, fate had other plans. One day, I was on a walk in Pacific Spirit Park when I accidentally pocket-dialed Kevin. He answered the phone, and after an hour-long conversation, we made plans to see each other over the summer, which eventually led to us becoming great friends and marked the beginning of our relationship.

how they asked

Fast forward six years of a growing relationship and Kevin decided to propose. He was going to settle on my birthday when a perfect opportunity arose: my favorite artist (Beyonce) was performing at Centurylink Field in Seattle.

Everything was planned to a tee: a surprise stay at the Pan Pacific Seattle, the concert tickets, the ring, and a speech to encapsulate his feelings for me. However, even though nothing goes as planned, this was better than we could have ever hoped.

We checked into our hotel and received a complimentary upgrade to their penthouse suite! Kevin knew it could not get any better than this, so before the concert, he got down on one knee for the perfect moment that has been over seven years in the making since we met.”

Special Thanks