Summitt and Miranda

How We Met

I love this young lady.

Miranda and I met over 3 years ago in February of 2016 on a new dating app called Facebook. Yes, I slid in the DM’s! My life was turned upside down and I knew I had met my wife after the first time we hung out together. Miranda is such a special person and so beautiful on the inside and out – I am one lucky dude.

How They Asked

When I started thinking about how I was going to ask her to marry me, I knew I had to do something extremely special because she deserves nothing less.

She and I were the lead roles in a music video for Sam Riggs earlier in the year, so I knew she wouldn’t think it was too wild that we are in another one. I called Josh and threw out the idea of “Let’s write a song for Miranda, you ask us to be in a music video for a ‘new song you have coming out’, & let’s shoot a Music/Engagement video to this song”. Josh, being the incredibly selfless guy he is, jumped on board and said let’s do it! Side note – Shout out to Josh Abbott for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to sit down with me and put my thoughts into a song – Dude is unreal talented!

Marriage is hard and there will be plenty of trials throughout the years. I wanted this video to be something we can always look back on and smile at how we felt that day. A remedy for battles we face in the future.

1st step now was to write a song that encompassed who Miranda is and our relationship. I started off with just listing all of the many things I love about her.

Example 1 – One of my favorite things she does is when I tell her I love her while she is half asleep, she hums back “I Love You” like Hm Hmm Hmm (The chorus & beat of the song).

Example 2 – Miranda always gets so excited when she sees a redbird because her Grandma always says when you see a redbird, it means that an angel is near. (This is why I had her wear that foxy red jumper in the final scene, & I tell her that she is MY redbird)

As I listed these things out, Josh just got in the zone with the guitar and let it rip. Incredible. Within seconds Josh had a beautiful tune going.

Once we finished the song, it was go-time to write a storyline and get the video planned out on how we would put it together without her knowing what’s really going on. Josh nonchalantly asked us if we would consider being in his next music video… She was pumped!

I hired a videographer that is extremely talented in music video shoots and started the process of drawing it up. We scheduled the video a few months out so we could plan out each scene and have everything set up to knock it out in one day. BTW – Atonement Entertainment is incredibly talented!

Miranda called me one day and begged if her friend Ashli can be there when we shoot the video. This worked out perfect because I called and asked Ashli if she would low-key bring a Polaroid camera and take photos as we shoot each scene so we can use them in the video. (Ashli sold it so well & Miranda had no idea she was in on it).

We shot the first scene at her Aunt and Uncles house in Waxahachie and the rest of the video was filmed at Dr. John East’s (Ashli’s dad) condo at the Stoneleigh in Uptown Dallas. Incredible place.

When we finally got to the last scene, she thought it was us dancing in the courtyard. We had her friend Ashley Pro come over and do her make up to buy us time to shoot some of the scenes that we couldn’t let her see (Like me writing what I was planning on saying when I asked her to marry me – Which I totally butchered haha) Also, her sister Tawni and best friend Brooke, showed up with all the candles and the roses to set up the engagement scene for us (they crushed it & it was so beautiful).

Showtime. We got it all done and everything in place. We gave the videographer the green light on telling Miranda to head down to the final scene. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was literally trembling because I was so nervous, excited, etc.

She turned the corner & started down the steps. At this point, I’m losing my mind at the site of her strutting toward me looking like her bad self always does. She gets to me (she still doesn’t REALLY know what’s going on). I can’t get a word out for a minute and I look like my heads about to explode.

Even after ALL of that, she still didn’t believe it was real because every time she would even kind of bring up marriage I would say “honey, 2020 is our year, we aren’t ready for that, please stop putting that pressure on me” – So brutal I know. Solid test though, because she thought she was dating a very broke guy that was scared of marriage and still stuck with me and fought through it! haha

She said yes, & now we get married on May 10th, 2019! Her first time to hear the song will be our first dance at the wedding.

We hope you enjoy the video!

Miranda Cordero

Josh Abbott Band, Atonement Entertainment

Our Video

Special Thanks

Josh Abbott Band
 | He helped me write the song and put the music video together
Atonement Entertainment
 | Videographer