Summer and Sean

How We Met

While both attending UNC Charlotte and running in the same circles, ironically we had never met. One Thursday afternoon at Alive After Five in Charlotte, NC a mutual friend introduced us and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Sean and I went to Key West for a Trip and little did I know he had something else planned! We decided to do an excursion for a helicopter ride since I love all things sharks and you can see tons of them all from the helicopter. Sean had always said if he proposed on a trip it would be at the beginning so we could celebrate the entire time. When we booked this, he scheduled for the end of the trip so I knew it “wasn’t going to happen” then. I checked for all the signs, a ring box, suspicious of his suitcase, and nothing! He was calm, cool and collected the entire time. We have a blast on the trip and the day for the helicopter ride finally comes.

The thing is, Sean had paid the company to write in the sand, “Summer, will you marry me” and we fly over it at the end of the ride. When we get there, the helicopter company immediately pulled him outside to tell him they made a mistake and did not do it. Since we were leaving the next day, we had no other option but to do the ride anyway and he did not want me to get suspicious that something was going to happen. He decided to just propose on the ride himself, without the beach writing. There was a camera taking pictures every 10 seconds and a go pro to film the ride.

Summer and Sean's Engagement in Key West

The ride was absolutely amazing! We saw tons of manta rays and sharks. We finally got to the end of the ride and the pilot let us know it was the end of the tour and if we had any questions to let her know. That is when Sean told me to look over, I was thinking he saw a shark on his side, and he pulled out the ring! I was in complete shock and ask “omg is this real” and he said “yes very real” and asked me to marry him! It was so sweet and thoughtful and I could not be more excited to get married in just one month!

Summer's Proposal in Key West

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