Summer and Russell

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How We Met

Well, it all started after a college girlfriend of mine tried to “set me up” with Russell. At the time, I just got out of a long term relationship and wasn’t looking to jump right into another. At first, it was just casual hanging with other friends, or dinner nights with groups, nothing serious, just friends. But eventually, we stopped “playing hard to get” and went for it! He took me to a downtown rooftop bar and honestly ever since then it has been him and I. Shortly after he asked me to be his girlfriend and I couldn’t say no! **Pro-tip – Becoming friends first is ALWAYS the best way to get to know someone before you actually date them ;) **

How They Asked

Oh boy! So it was my birthday weekend. (My birthday was Sunday, August 16th – I turned 27!!) We started at Bourbon Steak downtown Nashville at the JW Marriot around 5 PM on Saturday. I got ready for what I thought was my “birthday dinner” and honestly, did not have one OUNCE of a clue. He was acting like he always does, just doing house chores and yard work all day. We end up having a great time at Bourbon Steak (of course eating too much..) so we end leaving. We get in the car and are heading towards our house in East Nashville when we take a left and pull into Nissan Stadium.

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Now, I never really question Russell because everything we do always ends up being something fun or something I’ve never done before. So we start walking towards the river (granted I’m in heals) so I’m let’s not walk too far because my feet hurt, he was like “okay we won’t, promise”. So we get to the spot where he popped the question and had a blanket, champagne and a cooler already waiting for us. I was thinking. “WOW, he went all out for this birthday!”.

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NO NOT EVEN CLOSE – I hear movement behind me, turn, and see our dog Rooney running towards us with a sign that says “Will you marry my Dad”. I BALLED. I was a wreck. I mean I cried sister, CRIED. We ended up taking photos and having the BEST time. I was SO shocked. Afterward, the surprises didn’t stop. He planned for 50+ of our family and friends to be at a house close by to do a surprise party. Now that was a surprise too. It was the best night of my life – He did amazing.

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Special Thanks

Ashton Brooke
 | Photographer