Summer and Matt

how they asked

Matt and I have known each other since middle school. But, it wasn’t until after college when we were both working and living in Nashville that we started running into each other a lot. He eventually got my number at an outdoor concert one night. Fast forward about two years and we finally started dating seriously. Not long after we start dating, he tells me he could be moving to Tampa, FL. We had been dating about 7 months when he moves to Tampa and I move with him. We have now been in Tampa together for almost a year. We always said we have to go to Key West before we move back home to Nashville (which we are doing next month). We plan a quick getaway trip to Key West. We take a high speed ferry boat from Fort Myers to Key West just to go and experience the Keys for one night. We spent the day exploring everything Key West. We got on the engagement subject at some point and he says something along the lines of “it’ll be a while”. So I had to tell myself to get the idea of it happening there out of my head. After dinner we go back to our room which had an amazing private balcony overlooking Duval Street. We’re just sitting there having drinks and out of no where he kneels down in front of me and asks me if I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Then he opens the box to my dream ring. I will never forgot that moment and how insanely happy he instantly made me. We called all of our loved ones and then went out on Duval Street to celebrate!

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