Summer and Joel

How We Met

I met my husband, Joel Carter, at the tender age of 16. We were both working a summer job at Six Flags New Orleans to earn some extra cash. On a day he and I were working a late shift my mom forgot to pick me up and he agreed to bring me home. From then on we were really just friends. Until one day he confessed his feelings for me. We dated from that point as life guided us through the rest of high school, the tragedy of hurricane Katrina, a long distance relationship of 3 years, college, our daughter, and we are still crazy in love with each other! Cheers to 12 years of us!

Senior Prom

how they asked

Well this is a true story about the day that Joel decided to ask for my hand in marriage!
Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 was a warm summer day. I had a late night at work from 12pm-9:30pm. After my long day, I drove up to the house noticing that Joel’s car was not in the driveway. I just figured he went on a quick store run. As I walked up to the front door there is a handwritten sign which read “CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK”. “Okay” I thought. I open the front door and another sign read “PLEASE CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK”. “Okay, okay” I thought. I didn’t have my phone with me the whole day by request so I rushed to my bedroom to get to it. Before I could make it to my bedroom another sign read “HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR FACEBOOK?” So I won’t lie… at this point I’m really anxious and frustrated all at once. I walk into my bedroom to find another sign taped to my Ipad which read “CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK”.

At this point, I’m super nervous and still too afraid to think of anything. So I go to my Facebook page, I’m looking and scrolling, looking and scrolling until… I see a video with Joel in a Tuxedo. In the status Joel says some facts about our long courtship, etc. I click play and cry through the entire video. At the very end of the video Joel had a message to meet him at his family’s house for an engagement party which was about a 30 minute drive from where I was. I get up in a panic trying to convince myself that I do not have enough time to shower, change, etc. But I couldn’t finish my thought before the doorbell rang. It’s my sister, her two daughters, and my mother and her husband. They were just so excited they got to see the video and was so happy for us. They said they would come with me for the drive to the party but my sister had to change the baby before we left.

So we all came back into the house, and when I turned around Joel was actually right there in the flesh standing behind me dressed in a tuxedo, which frighten the living daylight out of me. So I screamed and hollered from shock because out comes all the rest of our family and friends. They were all hiding in the sunroom quiet as mice. I just started to ball and Joel got on one knee to profess his undying love for me and asked for my hand in marriage. I said “OF COURSE” of course.

I still float when I think about it because I know it came from his heart and was such a blessing to our family. I have the best husband ever! Trust me when I say, Seeing is believing! Please check out Joel A. Carter on You Tube to see the original song Joel Carter created to propose!

I said Yes!

Our Video

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