Summer and Glenn

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How We Met

Me and Glenn met about 7 years ago. We had a lot of mutual friends, but that’s not how it all started. I was actually at a Bay Bears game with some friends and he and his friends were sitting above us. I kept feeling something hit me and I realized it was skittles, so I turned around and that was the first time I saw him in person and he had that not so innocent grin on his face, I started laughing and asked him to stop and of course he didn’t. We were walking out and he came up to me and asked If I wanted to meet up with him and his friends that night, I wanted to say yes, but being the girl I am told him I already was with my friends and I had other plans but maybe some other time. So, time passed and he contacted me and wanted to hang out and so I decided to give him a chance. Well, when that day came around he told me he wasn’t able to do anything. So, of course, I was kinda aggravated because it was a Friday night, I had planned to hang with him and I ended up with no plans at all. So, time passes and we never really speak after that. I get a message on Facebook one day and it was Glenn.

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He made a comment about one of my pictures and tried to have a conversation. I wasn’t really interested, so I did show it.. he tried and tried to hang out again, but I was really just having fun with my girlfriends at the time and didn’t want that. Well about a month after that, he somehow got my number and at first I ignored it… but something just told me to text the dude back and give it a try because it won’t hurt hanging out. So I did, we made plans and I was actually at a friends house after practice when he came to pick me up. The second I got in that truck, we basically hit it off. He definitely was nervous, but he was talking my head off and I was talking his off. We ended up going to a place called hippie beach, it was a hangout spot all of his friends went to. I actually had a lot of fun and if you know me, you know I love meeting new people and talking. On the way home we were just hitting it off and I really enjoyed being around him. He made me laugh and I loved that. After that night, we never stopped hanging out. Neither of us were looking to date, but it just happened that way. We talked for about a month and he asked me to be his girlfriend May 12, 2012.

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After we started dating, he made sure to tell me he wasn’t looking for a relationship and the night we were supposed to hang out when he told me he couldn’t, he actually made other plans because he was “nervous. So, when I turned him down after that we were basically even. He said he had never felt that way for a girl like he did with me. We were young and in love. I was head over heels for him and so was he. Looking back now, I cannot believe that boy was going to be the person I was going to marry. I and Glenn have had plenty of ups and downs, we have never been perfect. But, no relationship is. Nothing is a fairy tale. One thing I’ve always been sure of is that our love is strong for each other and it will always be a story to tell. He’s perfect in my eyes and I love him for everything he is. We’ve watched each other grow, we’ve been on rock bottom with each other, but we’ve always came out on top with each other. I’ve watched him grow into a man that is very selfless, very loving, a very hard worker and a man that loves me with everything he has and I honestly couldn’t be anymore blessed. He is my best friend and I thank God every day for that. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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how they asked

On June 2, we were getting ready for Emma Kate’s 1st birthday which is his sisters daughter. Even though she’s been my niece since the day she was born, it’s just official now lol. So, the day goes on and I head to the house to do his sisters hair so we can finish getting ready. The party started at 6, Glenn wasn’t supposed to be there until around 7:30 due to work. Well, exactly around 6 Glenn comes in and peeks his head around the corner and starts smiling and I was like “oh my gosh you got off early” and he smiled and said I wanted to surprise you and immediately walked outside to talk to the guys and eat crawfish.

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The party goes on and time passes and then it was time to open presents! His mom wanted all of us all together so they had me a chair pulled out. As we were watching them open presents, Glenn was being very fidgety but now I see why he was so nervous. I had absolutely NO CLUE. I thought they were done opening gifts after the big box was opened, but a smaller box was handed to his sister and her husband to open for the baby. In the video you can hear them say “awww it’s from Uncle Glenn” but I never heard that.. Megan (his sister) pulls out a shirt and turns it around to face me which said, “will you marry my uncle Glenn”?

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In my mind, I knew what It said but I couldn’t fathom what it said. I literally could feel my heart fall into my stomach. He immediately got down on his knee with the ring and I started crying uncontrollably! I really thought someone was going to have to save me. It was the most special, emotional moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. After finally catching my breath for a second, of course, I said yes!

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It was the best day of my life.

They had all of this planned out! My family was able to be there because it was the baby’s 1st birthday and one of my best friends actually works with his sister now so she was also able to come. So, nothing at this party gave it away or made it obvious. I’m forever thankful that the people I’m closest to were there to experience this with me.

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Also, anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been the one to rush anything. Yes, me and Glenn have been together for almost 7 years now, so of course I knew we were getting married one day. I just always said he will propose once I’m done with school! But it was honestly the perfect time and he knew in his heart it was to. But, he definitely fooled me. I was completely in shock and I still am. I’m definitely still on cloud 9 and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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after he proposed, I found out all the details! The crazy thing is, Glenn has had this proposal planned for about 3 months now and I really don’t know how I never noticed anything different, I always said I would, but I was wrong. He actually texted his mom and sister one day out of the blue and said “i need a ring now” it caught them both off guard and he just said “it was time” how freaking sweet right?! So, he meets his mom at the Karat Patch after work to pick out a diamond. He finds the most beautiful, perfect one. It is my DREAM RING. It’s so perfect and so me. I’ve always been a huge fan of emerald cut diamonds, they’re just so unique to me and I’ve loved them ever since I laid my eyes on one. I just knew it would fit me perfectly.

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So, when he picked the diamond out, the man told him they don’t sale criss-cross bands and that it had to be customized. In order to customize it, they had to send it to New York.. which stressed him out even more. He originally planned on proposing for my birthday, which was May 17th. But the ring wasn’t here on time. The ring was finally here just a few short days before the birthday party. It all worked out so perfect, nothing went wrong, it was all a dream come true and I am so blessed!!!! He did so good and I’m so thankful for it all. I am forever grateful for the best in-laws, family and the person God chose for me to spend the rest of my life with, I am so ready to see what the future holds for us.

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