Summer and Ford

How We Met

We met the last week of his college experience and I had one semester to go. At Mississippi State University, baseball is a big deal. We were both cheering on our baseball team when my best friend, Millie (his cousin) introduced us. Not much came of it. We communicated a little. He asked me to go to the refuge with him one day. The refuge is a national wildlife park in Starkville, MS. I said yes, even though I was very nervous. I had the most amazing time getting to know this beautiful man of God. I text my best friend from home, Star, and said, “I think I just had my first conversation with my future husband.” I was right!

how they asked

He was very sneaky! He surprised me at my favorite spot after having Millie tell me to pick her up there from an afternoon walk. I arrived at the winery on MSU’s campus and he popped out of a Eno hammock. I was speechless. It was the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen. He explained how he had prayed for this day and how he promises to always love me unconditionally. I squeezed him for entirely too long. He asked if that meant yes and if I even wanted to see the ring. I exclaimed yes!

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