Summer and Carter

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My house

How We Met

We were 16 and had been in the same marching band together for years but our paths never crossed until one afternoon in the band room when our band director told him to tutor me (thank you Mr. Moyer)! We practiced every afternoon and he drove me home from school. Flash forward a month or so and he was dropping me off from our last tutor session before band camp and I leaned in and kissed him in my driveway. This kiss was terrible, but adorable. No one thought us two band geeks would actually make it but, four years later, here we are. We’re engaged and more in love than ever.

Where to Propose in My house

how they asked

It was Christmas Eve, we had been out and about all day. We finally made it home around 11pm and I was very crabby and tired. I was taking down my hair and complaining about the day when I turned around to see him with a ring in his hand. So I’m standing there, with my pjs on, make up smeared, and hair a mess when he says “This is us, this is you, and I love you and want to spend my life with you.” So of course, I said yes.