Hotel Loses Their Reservation During This Cute Proposal

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How We Met: Sumit and I met at a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. My best friend, who also happens to be his cousin, was getting married! We talked a little during the wedding weekend, nothing serious. We ran into each other again at the airport on our way back from the wedding, that’s when he asked for my phone number. Two weeks later Sumit was on a flight from New York to Houston for our first date! We’ve been inseparable since! After a year of flights to Houston, New York, and so many cities in between, we’re happy to call Boston our new home.

Image 2 of Hotel Loses Their Reservation During This Cute Proposalhow they asked: The day was December 29, 2014. Sumit and I were traveling from Paris to London. When we arrived at our hotel in London, they were unable to find our reservation. While the hotel was looking for our reservation, Sumit turned to me and asked if we met for the first time in a hotel lobby. Before I had a chance to wonder why he was asking me about the first time we met, the hotel concierge found our reservation. She asked if the reservation had been made under “Mr. and Mrs. David?” I laughed nervously while Sumit answers, “Well we’re not Mr. & Mrs. David yet.” That should have tipped me off but I still had no idea what was about to happen.

A group of a capella singers began singing our song, Wanted by Hunter Hayes. As they reached the chorus of the song, three huge photo collages were revealed to me. The collages said ‘My Love’, ‘My Pocket Buddy’, and ‘My Circle.’ The collages included pictures of our special moments together, as well as photos of our family. When I saw the picture of Sumit with my parents, I lost any composure that I had left. He told me later that he had visited them in Texas to ask for their blessing before he proposed.

As the singers stopped singing, Sumit choked up as he held my hands and said some very sweet things to me, but all I remember thinking is that I have to say YES! Sumit then got down on knee and asked me to be his wife! We were crying, the hotel staff were crying, the singers were crying. It was the most amazing and surreal moment of my life.

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