Sumer and Jordan

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How We Met

I met Jordan the summer after my senior year of high school, through mutual friends. Throughout my freshman and sophomore years of college I made many trips to visit friends in Brookings, SD – where Jordan went to college. He was always there for me, as good friends are – he would pick me up when I needed a ride, offered his jacket to me when I was cold, had heated political debates with me at 2am and was even there to take care of me after my first run in with the law as a wild college kid. At the time Jordan was just a friend to me but looking back that was the start of something so much more than friendship.

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Fast forward a few years when we both were graduated from college, we would reunite with each other at local bars, often texted but were still just friends. Moving from friends to more than friends was a complicated situation for us but we both had feelings for each other – that part was obvious. It took a little bit of nudging from our friends (shout out to Melissa Wilson) to really start dating.

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We officially started dating in August 2013 after being friends for four years. And to me it felt so right from the beginning. In April 2014, Jordan accepted an amazing job offer with Mortenson Construction that took him to Fargo, ND. I followed him up a month later where I quickly learned that Fargo is nothing like the movie (thankfully). Jordan and I have lived in Fargo together for nearly three years with our little furbabies – Tyson & Ron.

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how they asked

I absolutely love to travel, so when Jordan and I had the opportunity to fly to Chicago for a friend’s wedding I eagerly suggested to make it a long weekend so we could explore the city of Chicago. Little did I know that it would turn into a trip of a lifetime. After celebrating the wedding of two of our great friends on Saturday, Jordan and I traveled back to the city with some other friends to start exploring.

We planned to sight see around Chicago during the day and then head to a sports bar to watch the MN Vikings game against the Green Bay Packers that night. We are both DIE HARD Vikings fans, so it sounded like a perfect day to me!

I was so excited to see the Bean in Millenium Park since it was my first time in Chicago. We headed there first after checking into the hotel. As we were walking to the park Jordan asked me if I was okay and I looked at him funny and said “Yeah, are you?” His response was “I’m a little anxious being in a new city and nervous for the Vikings game later.” I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

We got to the Bean and took our pictures in front of it. It was fun but very crowded. (I later found out that Jordan wanted to propose in front of the Bean but the moment didn’t feel right.) After the Bean, the friends we were with wanted to keep exploring Millenium Park. I could tell that Jordan didn’t feel well so I wanted to stop exploring and go to a bar so we could take a break and let Jordan relax.That didn’t happen – everyone wanted to keep exploring.

Eventually we came across this little entry to this beautiful garden. Once we walked in our friend we were with said “this background is beautiful, let me take your picture.” Jordan and I posed for a picture and when we were done he just stood there. I asked if we could take a “kissing” picture and to my surprised he said yes. So we kissed and right as we stopped kissing Jordan dropped down on one knee. In that moment I didn’t understand what was happening. For some reason I thought he was jokingly pretending to propose so I said “Yeah, whatever. Shut up.”

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And then I saw the ring and he asked, “Will you marry me?” I realized that this was for real and of course said yes!

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It was a complete surprise and I can’t even put into words the way I felt in that moment. Pure joy came over both of us. To top off what was already an amazing day, we watched the MN Vikings beat the Packers that night!

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