Sulamita and Dennis

How We Met: Dennis and I met when we were 14 years old, my cousin, Joseph, was friends with the Ivanovs so he brought me and my other cousin over to their house after a baby shower. I met his younger brother Erik in the car then when we got to the house, Dennis opened the door and introduced himself and I said, “uh I already met you in the car..” and he had a confused look on his face then Erik walked up behind him and I realized that I haven’t in fact met him and got so embarrassed and started apologizing and he just laughed it off.

Neither of us were interested in one another at the time until we 2012 when we both graduated high school and I started college at the Art Institute. He started noticing me and tried to get to know me anytime my cousin and I would hangout with their crowd. He’s been crushing on me for 2 years until I finally noticed him and started liking him in spring of 2014.

As soon as we started talking often and started falling for each other, my brother and I went on a vacation to Russia for 2 months before Dennis had the chance to ask me out. It was the most difficult 2 months to go through. As soon as I got back, he took me to an island on the Gorge and asked me to be his girl :)

how they asked: I woke up at 5 in the morning and waited for my boyfriend to pick me up from my home in the mountains, a half hour drive from his house (which I still can’t believe he did). The plan was to have a photo shoot of him for his business blog, so he had a few outfits and I had my camera. To keep him awake during the drive, I grabbed the book “Love Does” and read 3 chapters to him out loud to help him stay awake, I ended story time with a chapter called “Ryan in Love”, ironically it was about a man who was planning a proposal for his girl. I finished reading and we pulled up to the beach.

Image 1 of Sulamita and Dennis

We hiked around and got some beautiful photos. As we climbed and we crawled and found the spot where he wanted to take a “photo”, we found a small grassy area on a cliff, surrounded and protected by trees from the rest of the world. The sea splashed against the rocks while we sat next to each other and enjoyed the view, sea lions swam in the distance and I sat there with a happy heart and green paint stained on my legs from painting the shed the day before, “how embarrassing”, I thought.

The way he was searching for a spot with no people, picked that purple flower for me, and looking for something in his jacket made my heart race and I felt like my head was in the clouds. I saw it coming but I tried to stay calm. He took my camera and set it aside with my backpack along with my glasses.

Image 2 of Sulamita and Dennis

He couldn’t wipe the smile off his handsome face and kept leaning in really close to me with our noses touching. I can tell he was nervous about something and my heart couldn’t settle down, finally the words escaped his lips, “Sulamita….will you marry me”? I started giggling and smiling,”of course I’ll marry you!” I didn’t know yet if he was serious until he got on one knee and presented the ring.

At this point, I felt like everything was a dream and we couldn’t stop laughing from joy, the waves beneath the cliff roared and celebrated with us. My cheeks hurt from smiling while he explained how nervous he was, “I felt like my heart was going to stop! I had to pause and catch my breath to make sure I wouldn’t mess up my words. My ears were ringing and I was so afraid I would screw it up!

And don’t forget, no take backsies!” I have never been more happy in my life than the moment he asked me to be his bride. “This past year of dating you I noticed how happy you were every time we came to the ocean, I knew this is where I had to propose to you, I knew this is where you are happy.” He carved our initials in the tree and I put the purple flower in my journal, we walked back happily, engaged.

Image 3 of Sulamita and Dennis

Image 4 of Sulamita and Dennis

Image 5 of Sulamita and Dennis

Photos by: Sulamita Photography