Sukhi and Jay

Image 1 of Sukhi and JayHow we met: I met my beautiful fiancé the first week of physical therapy school in January 2012 in San Diego, CA. I had been eyeing her for a few days, but did not find the right time to talk to her yet. One day, she was late for one of our classes and the professor yelled at her. Perfect; this gave me the golden opportunity to approach her after class and nervously mumble “well, that was rough…” Sukhi turned around and said “YEAH! I know!” as if we had been friends for a couple years. We introduced ourselves after and have been together almost everyday since!

how they asked: I began planning for the proposal 6 months prior to asking Sukhi, and purchased the ring 5 months before. Keeping it a secret was not the most difficult part by any means. Rather, I knew that I wanted to marry my soulmate from day one (told my friend after 2 weeks of dating her that we would get married) and I wanted to make it official sooner. Sukhi’s parents live in San Jose, CA, and I waited until 2 weeks prior to ask her father for her hand in marriage (waited as long as I could for her family to keep it secret). I took Sukhi out for her birthday on October 5, 2014 so that she would think that the night is all for bday celebrations. She had no idea what was about it happen…check out the video for details of the night!

Video by Brian Mendoza