Suhani and Ronald

Image 1 of Suhani and Ronald

How We Met

We met at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa at a conference and just had to keep seeing each other. We met up in Rome, he came to see me in Toronto, I went to vist him in the Netherlands and we have been to over ten countries together to keep our long distance romance going! Pictured below is our vacation in Fiji which already felt like a honeymoon.

how they asked

We were talking about getting married in the future and I mentioned how much I would love to to get married in one of the old Dutch castles. He surprised me with a weekend away, took me to the castle I wanted to get married in, had a romantic dinner and after walking around the lake he proposed in a beautiful gazebo! We both were overcome by emotion and sat by the lake in each others arms

Image 2 of Suhani and Ronald