Suesue and Kyle

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How We Met

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Kyle came up to me, we talked for a bit, nothing crazy. I was fresh out of a long-term relationship so I didn’t really have eyes for anyone at that time. Kyle added me on Instagram shortly after and “slid into my DMs,” lol. We ended up spending that whole summer together. Although I made it clear that I “wasn’t looking for anything,” his slick patience and persistence kept me sticking around. We’ve been together for almost two years now.

how they asked

About 2 years ago, Kyle took me horseback riding in San Diego for my birthday. That night, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We rode a dirt trail but he saw a beach trail advertised (which he didn’t know was an option). Knowing I love the beach, he said he would take me back one day to try the beach trail. Fast forward to May 26, 2017, he takes me to San Diego for a mini getaway. After my first year of grad school, working 3 jobs, and some family stuff, he called it a “you-need-it” trip. He surprised me with the horseback beach route. While we were riding, our horse instructor asked us to get off our horses so she could “adjust our saddles.” Not thinking anything of it, I got off the horse. Our horse instructor managed to hold onto all three horses while Kyle pulled me aside and got down on one knee.

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Shortly after, I look to my left and see my best friends–one from Oregon and one from Ventura–capturing it all on camera. To top it off, Kyle took me out to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a celebratory dinner that night. I walk into the restaurant and am welcomed with 16 of my closest friends: high school friends, college friends, hometown friends, and my cousins.The fact that they all took off work and busted a mission to San Diego shows how lucky I am to have awesome people in my life. He really went the extra mile to make this moment perfect for me. It was perfect. #walkwitzsue

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