Sue-Ann and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I met at school when we were 11-12 years old. That same year Aaron asked me to my first Valentine’s Day dance, and of course I said, YES. That night Aaron called me on the phone and asked me to be his girlfriend! Once again, I said yes to Aaron and we became each others first boyfriend/girlfriend. (2001)

Because of the young ages of the us, the relationship was short lived and after middle school and years of being friends, we lost touch once we went to high school.

After high school Aaron took on an internship at Disney World that moved him to Florida. There he started a new life and continued his education. Eventually he moved back to Las Vegas..

After high school I pursued my dream of performing while doing “Tony N Tina’s Wedding” on the Las Vegas Strip, filming commercials and infomercials, did some singing gigs and improv gigs here and there, and helped raise my wonderful niece and nephew.

Skip foward12 years later from when we first met…

Valentine’s Day 2013.. My friend Keiona (who is now a bridesmaid in her and Aaron’s wedding!!!) and I made last minute Valentines Day plans to go to Brio and have a girls night. Little did I know that ONE choice would change my future in a magical way…

( In Aaron’s words)

“I saw Sue-Ann from across the bar when I was getting drinks for a table. I mentioned to a coworker of mine that I knew that girl sitting over there, and wanted to say hi, but figured she was there with a guy because she was too pretty to be sitting there alone on Valentine’s Day. Once Keiona came back to the table I realized they were having a girls night and got the courage to go over and say hi..”

Aaron and I hit it off like no time had passed. I was making him try my creme brulee’ and Aaron was making me laugh. It was an instant connection. After dinner, Aaron walked me and Keiona to their car, (because hes always been such a gentleman), and nervously gave me his phone number saying he would love to catch up sometime. A few days later we went on our first date at Vintner Grill, and after Aaron ordered me TWO desserts because I couldn’t choose which one I wanted, I knew he was a keeper.

Aaron and I moved in together 3 months later and started our life together. An amazing life together… we traveled, bought a house, and even adopted a VERY HAIRY baby! (Our husky, Gaston).

Nowadays we are working on planning our GREATEST ADVENTURE…MARRIAGE.

(Below: Aaron and Sue-Ann 2001- the year they met and dated for the first time)

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how they asked

My groom-to-be has always known how important it was for me to have my whole family there when he asked me to be his wife. Besides the fact that I’m extremely close with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew- I’m also very close to my older brother, who happens to have autism and he will most likely never marry. Because of this, I wanted him to be able to be a part of mine. I wanted him to know what it was like to be at a proposal (even if he wasn’t the one proposing).

My fiancé took it one step further and made it even more wonderful.. because that’s just what he does with everything in our lives. He waited for Easter when we had my whole family at our home. As I was opening my Easter egg basket from him (our yearly tradition), I started opening up the eggs in the basket. Some of them had lip gloss in them, some had gift cards.. and then I saw a shiny gold one that stood out from the rest. I opened the egg, and there it was.. the most perfect, beautiful, shiny ring I had ever seen.

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Aaron (that’s the amazing fiance’) took the ring from my hand, got down on one knee, and asked MY BROTHERS PERMISSION FOR MY HAND (he had already previously asked my dad for his permission). My brother loves Aaron and of course said yes.

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Then he asked.. and it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. In front of my whole family, and our hairy baby (our husky dog-child), and in our first home that we purchased to start our lives together.. we became engaged. It was the best day ever. A couple days later Aaron had planned for us to go to Disneyland to celebrate our engagement together at the happiest place on earth. It was truly magical.

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