Sue and Shival's Romantic Beach Proposal

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How We Met

Suvishka (Sue) initially caught my eye while I was visiting my sister whom is a pharmacist at a local hospital. There had been a medical conference there and Suvishka being a Doctor was attending. We had been introduced in passing and for some reason or the other seemed to gravitate to one another. We continued to talk for a while before I had realised I was only supposed to be dropping off a parcel for my sister and was now late for work but before leaving was able to ask Sue for her telephone number  and as the say it the rest is history…

how they asked

When considering how to propose to Sue I took into account all the items she loved and wanted to make it more than one single moment. With me being located in Johannesburg but wanting to do the proposal in Durban I enlisted the services of Kathleen from The Perfect Proposal to assist coordinate all the activities of the day. Sue loving the ocean it was clear that any ideas we had would have to incorporate that into it. Finally after some consultation with Kathleen we had concluded on the Sunset picnic where we would be on a private beach. We decided to place hand painted love quotes on wooden boards in the sand to create a pathway leading up to the picnic set up with thousands of rose petals in the sand. I had told Sue it was a company function of former employers we had to attend and only at the time of us arriving on the beach did I reveal to her that is was not a company event but a special date I had planned. She still did not realise the full intention of the setting but was rather enjoying, what she thought, was a romantic date. The picnic setup was made up of: 10 white giant balloons in two sizes, placed in a scattered look around the setup Photo Line set back from the blanket – string and ribbon/bunting tied onto two wooden dowel with photos pegged onto the line 300 roses in buckets, jars & mugs surrounding the blanket candles & fairy lights in glass jars surrounding the blanket.

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As we got to the picnic set up and sat down to some chocolate covered strawberries there was a memory box on the blanket which Kathleen and I had complied and included: Framed photo of the two of us, framed photo of the beach I proposed on with the logo “where happily ever after begins,” maps in a heart of where we live (JHB), where we are from (Durban), where we have yet to discover together (the world), an “elastic band to remind you to always be flexible,” “eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes,” “glitter to add sparkle to your life,” “matches for being the perfect match,” “chilli flakes to keep things spicy,” “tissues to dry each other’s tears,” “coloured crayons to add colour to your darkest days,” and then a framed photo that said “one last thing…”

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At this point I had told her there was one last little surprise. I had stood up and then taken her hand and helped her up. We enjoyed the setting for a few more seconds as I got hold of my nerves and calmed myself down and then turned to her, got down on one knee and said “and one last thing…would you marry me.”

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After a few times saying “Oh my god” and kissing me I had to ask her if that meant yes which we nodded to with a huge smile in her face while trying to hold back her tears. We topped this moment off by first taking a short walk on the beach to let it sink in and when we returned back to the picnic site I had arranged for our family to be waiting to celebrate this moment with us. At this point Sue could not hold back her tears while everyone congratulated us and we popped a few bottles of champagne while enjoying the sunset.

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