Sue and Kayode

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How We Met

I was an Intern working in the Citizen’s medical centre Laboratory March 2013. I had already worked for over a month when the medical officers were changed. It was a monday morning and I was heading upstairs for ward round. As always I went all skippy and happy into the patients room to watch the Medical director ask my boss and the medical officers questions. I was always excited, smiling and dancing!lol! There he was huge and smart, responding to all the questions like a genius. In the Afternoon, he came to the lab to look for me and began to gist with me. I lied to him that I had a child because I thought he was married and was trying to bother me. I finished my internship at the hospital with both of us being friends. At school, he would call me from time to time and whenever i fell sick, he would treat me for free. Years went by and my close friends got to know this doctor who always rendered us free medical care!lol!. However, we didnt know one day he would own my heart or that I already owned his. When I finally graduated from school in 2014, One day, I went to check on this friend of mine in his clinic and then he cracked a joke. He said ‘Sue, what if we get married?’ and I laughed it off, I replied him ‘lol, kay! please please you know you are like a big brother to me and you know all my dark sides and secrests…it would never happen’. He smiled! Two months after February 14 2015, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course, in awe……I agreed…. and he said ‘You are ready now’ ‘I knew you were my wife when i first saw you’.

how they asked

It was Valentine’s day and our 1 year anniversary. I was dressed and ready by 7:00 am to go to church with my best friend, my boo, my better half to thank God for an amazing one year of being with him when I heard the bell ring ..I went to the gate to check if it was him. There he was in his suit and a lady holding a red beautiful cake with ‘MY SUNSHINE, I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME’ engraved by the side. I was so excited well because I love cakes and I love red. I kissed him and I gave him his gift. After church we went to the movies and had a splendid time. We began to head back to my house when he dropped by a friend’s place to greet them and then he goes ‘hmmmm sue, maybe we should go have a meal before I drop you’. I kept saying no because I needed to get home on time and I felt we had already spent enough. He convinced me to go because it was our anniversary so I agreed. As we got into Casa Lydia, they were so warm, they took us to a seat that looked reserved and started playing really slow romantic songs. The ambiance was beautiful and my best friend’s smile weakened me so bad. It reminded me of our first date when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He began to tell me how much he loves me and would never leave me. He gave a long speech that made me almost cry and then the waiter came to take our order. I wasnt even hungry so I placed an order for a meal I had never eaten before and looked like it would take time to prepare so I could listen to bae give another long speech…hehe! Five minutes later, the waiter is coming with what i thought was food, so I look at him ‘like I thought it would take longer than this’. I tell Kay, its his food and he says it should be mine. When ‘Purpose’ by Justin bieber starts to play. I forget about the food because I love this song so much so I start to hold bae’s hand to give my own speech (Thank God for the dj who has some romantice sense). As I held bae’s hand about to give my speech, he opened the food pan and Gbam!…..A golden diamond ring in a red heart shaped case like the cake…and then he asks. I actually slapped my face, when I saw it was real I began to cry. This man right here had sacrificed all for me to be his wife, He said he knew I will be his wife exactly a year ago…it began to make sense….he was the gift God said he was sending to me. It was beautiful….I can not even describe it….I lifted him up, kissed him and told him I am you, you are me forever. It was the best anniversary and valentine ever!

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