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How We Met

Me and Josh met over a photographer friend and kept talking until we had our actual first date on January 19th 2016. It was a Sunday and he was running late because he was helping out at his church. I was staying in West Hollywood at a hotel for a few weeks, I was out in LA for my social media and I took the opportunity to go on my first actual date with Josh. I’m originally from Germany and he lives in California, so I only had a little bit time left in the US. He picked me up for our first date around 6 pm and we went to Hollywood to get a hot chocolate because I kept telling him that I’m obsessed with everything hot chocolate. From the first moment I got into his car I felt comfortable and like I’ve known him for ages. We were talking non stop about everything and nothing. I’m usually a shy person but with him it was completely different. It was like I knew that I was supposed to be with him, spending my time by his side and talking to him. We went up to the Griffith Observatory and walked around til we found a perfect little spot with the most breathtaking view over LA. We stood there for a long time talking about deep moments in our life and I felt the need to hold his hand but I was way too shy to take that step.

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We talked like we’ve been friends for years and I was able to joke around and be completely myself with him. He showed me around the Griffith museum and then took me to this adorable coffee shop in Studio City called Aroma where we had another hot chocolate and shared intimate moments in our life with each other. After that we spend hours of talking which led to us ending the first date at 5 in the morning because neither me or him wanted to go. The next dates were magical and getting to know him was like getting to know myself. He made me laugh and smile like no other and was the first to actually take away my anxiety without knowing about my disorder. When I told him about it and about my struggles and things I went through he was supportive and the first to not freak out or leave me. Every moment with him was perfect, especially the day when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Josh is an incredibly talented musician, he can play countless instruments and has the most beautiful voice. He writes amazing songs and melodies and I could listen to his voice for hours.

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He took me to NAMM, which is a music convention, where his band was playing a few songs. He was so proud of me and showed me off in front of his friends and band members, even his managers and I felt so special. Then, when he went up on stage and started singing, he kept looking at me and when he sang my favorite song I knew he was singing it just for me. I couldn’t stop smiling and also couldn’t stop myself from running into his arms after I got off stage and kissing him. I was so proud and still am even more than before every time I get to witness him making music and singing. He’s so gifted and he’s so humble about it. After NAMM he surprised me with Disneyland tickets and we went straight to Disneyland and spend the most amazing day there, talking and enjoying the magical feeling. When it got dark he took me to the little place in front of the castle and told me how much I meant to him and then formally asked me if I’d want to be his girlfriend. It was perfect.

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He literally is my Prince Charming. Ever since that day me and him have been spending an amazing year together, with lots of ups and downs and life lessons that just made us even stronger. After 3 weeks of us being together I had to leave back to Germany for 4 months. I was scared he wouldn’t wanna do long distance but to my surprise he wanted that more than anything. He wanted me. Between the USA and Germany is a 9 hour difference and those months were hard. Endless Facetime Calls, texts and emails later I finally got to be back in his arms in May right in time for my 21st birthday. We spent it together at Disneyland where he told me the most beautiful words for my birthday which were better than any gift I could have ever gotten. He took me to his church and brought me back to God, showed me how good he is and made me feel his grace. In June I got baptized and ever since our relationship has been built on the strongest foundation with God in the center of it. We went through hard times but they taught us important things for our relationship. Then, back in July I had to leave again for 6 months until I finally got to be back start of January, which, not knowing, would be the start of our life together.

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how they asked

I knew he was gonna propose because we talked about getting married for a while and that’s all we wanted. We love each-other so incredibly much and he’s my other half and the world to me. We talked to our pastors and our parents about it and both decided it was time. A week before the proposal we went to a jewelery store because he had to make a payment for my promise ring he got me back in July. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the engagement rings and we ended up getting the perfect engagement ring for me. We got an incredible deal on a 9.000 dollar ring and my everything got it for me. It took about a week to get it sized and I was all anxious and couldn’t wait for the moment he’d ask. On January 21st 2016, 2 days before our 1 year anniversary, Josh and I were getting ready for our friends birthday party.

That morning we went to the mall to pick up the engagement ring but he pinky promised me he wouldn’t propose to me yet because he wanted to make it special. We were gonna catch a ride with 3 friends and one of the girls insisted for me to get all dolled up so I’d look cute for “pictures” later. Since that didn’t seem weird to me I happily did it. It was around 7 pm when one of our friends told us we were going to LA and to the Griffith Observatory. I was freaking out because that was the spot me and Josh were at a year ago and I couldn’t hide my excitement and told Josh all about it. He was all sad when I told him and was like “Aw I didn’t even know we were going to Griffith… I know that would’ve been the perfect moment to propose. I know you kind of expect it… I’m sorry… I wanna make it perfect. Can you wait for me?” And of course I said yes. On the car ride over there he was weirdly silent and then took a nap so I talked to our friends for a while til I finally saw the “Griffith Observatory” sign!

I shook him awake and we both were super excited. When we parked I asked him to leave our vlogging camera (we started vlogs on YouTube together) behind so we could just enjoy the moment but he insisted on taking it which got me slightly mad but I didn’t wanna argue so I just went along. All of us walked up to Griffith and I got super excited the closer we got. I asked Josh if we could go to our spot together and our friend Jerry was like “Hey, give me the camera, I’ll get a good shot of you guys walking and being there!” I didn’t even know that he knew what was gonna happen. And so did all of our friends. We walked to our spot where we could see the entire city while we got filmed and Jerry kept walking around to get good angles. Then Josh suddenly started telling me how much I meant to him and how we were here a year ago. Then he told me how I am the most beautiful girl in the entire world and that from the first date on, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of my life with me. I didn’t realize what was going on until he took a step back and I saw the little wooden box in his hand.

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He went down on one knee and asked those three magical words: “Will you marry me?” “Are you serious?” Was the first thing I could say while I couldn’t stop smiling, then I screamed yes and fell into his arms and kissed him. That was the moment I had waited for ever since I met him. It was more than perfect.

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All of our friends were filming us too and I didn’t even notice that a large crowd of people had stopped to look and cheer for us. I can honestly say I’m marrying the love of my life and my love for him will just grow day by day. I know that I’ll love him even more in 80 years and that I wouldn’t wanna spend the rest of my life with anyone else in this world. He’s Gods greatest blessing to me.

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