Joanna and Joshua's Styled Surprise Proposal

Styled Surprise Proposal

How we met: We were actually set up by my parents! My mom had been going on about this guy she and my dad had met on a trip up to Portland, dropping hints that we would be perfect for each other for about 2 years. I definitely skeptical of this. I distantly knew who he was because he is the cousin of some of my good childhood friends, but I had never officially met him. Well, it all came together last May when he visited my parents church in Eugene and my dad invited him to go fishing and to come over for dinner. No ulterior motives there! We met at that dinner and had our first date a week later and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked: It was a dream of a proposal! A friend and I own a wedding floral arranging business and frequently collaborate with photographers on styled shoots, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for us to get asked to participate in this one with Monique Serra Photography. She had also asked my boyfriend and I to be models for the shoot. I was oblivious to the josh’s plan to propose using this styled shoot because I thought I was the one planning it! I even got one of my best friends involved using her wedding rentals, having no idea that this was part Josh’s plan too.

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The moment arrived when Monique asked us to write a secret message on chalkboards that we would reveal to each other as she took pictures. Of course, as he turned his around to reveal “will you marry me?” and got down on one knee I forgot everything going on around us (I can’t even remember what he said!) and couldn’t say yes enough. It was so wonderful having my two best friends there and a photographer to capture that moment! He is the man I have waited for in every way and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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Photos by: Monique Serra Photography | Florals: Good Seed Floral | Design: Simply Elegant Wedding and Event Rentals