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How We Met

We have been Family friends from about when i was 5 years old and he was about the same age too. We knew each other from india and moved here with our families the same time in 2008. He moved to Atlanta for his education at Georgia Tech and i lived in Jersey with my parents. We did a long distance for about 7 years till he proposed me in 2015. It is a dream come true to finally so close to marrying my best friend and the guy who understands me more than myself. Long distance was hard but as he said in one of his surprises, it was worth every mile to finally come up to this day. I thank god for such a blessed life.

how they asked

Hmm.. to start of this amazing day i had, it is really hard how to put it into words on how great the entire day was. 8th of May, is my birthday and let me start of by saying that is the best birthday gift i have ever had. It was a week full of adventure and surprises.

The week started of with usual Monday morning on May 4th and then I was sitting early in the morning on May 4th (Monday) 2015, sipping on some coffee when suddenly a doorbell rang and i opened the door and received a surprise delivery of Bouquet. There was this small note on there which said the week has many many more surprises to come and therefore it made me excited for the whole week. Honestly i never saw the proposal coming because Parth is someone who always have done stuff for my birthday and made me feel special therefore this was something that made me think about the proposal which was going to come later in the week,

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Next morning Tuesday the 5th of May, i already knew there was going to be some surprise in the day because it was the second day of my birthday week and the letter that i received the day before said, there are going to be surprises for the five days. the second day of surprise was a surprise box, with the love letter and some other goodies. the best part was the art work that Parth made which summed up our long distance relationship from Atlanta to New Jersey, and how i always travelled back and forth to meet him in Atlanta. I kept waiting at the door early morning, so desperate and eager as what the surprise is going to be.

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Day three, 6th of May was something soon special, It was the SPA day. Omg he booked a couples massage at the SPA at Heldrich with me getting a facial and a manicure and pedicure. The lady who did my manicure kept asking me if i was going to get engaged and i was still saying no it is my bday week and my boyfriend always does stuff for me so this is not just a proposal yet.It was the best experience. Love him.

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Day 4, 7th of May, it was like the thing you see in movies but its not something every guy would do. i love parth for doing this. It was the movie under the stars. He and our sisters set up the whole thing in his backyard with my fav food, drinks and my fav movie. It was the night before my bday. It was the best nights.

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Day 5th the Final Day the proposal Day May 8th. So it was my bday and i always wanted to go to central park and spend a day with him just chilling there along with doing a nice brunch at Turning Point hoboken. So Parth said, we would be spending the day that by starting off with bruch at Turning Point and then going to central park later. He said Central park had some event late at night and therefore we need to get there when its dark. that was the best bday of my life. We roamed around central park and new york city along with Brunch at turning point and then when it was dark he took me to the Bethadesa Fountain. As soon as we reached there, he blindfolded me and i was like maybe he did this coz my sister and friends might be coming there. As soon we reached the proposal spot, i heard music playing my sister and friends and family was there. I was speechless and shocked as to what was going and then suddenly i saw him getting down on his kneee.. and i had to say YESS because i love this guy and he is the one i want to be with forever and ever.

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