Stephen and Justin's Stunning Proposal in Venice, Italy

Marriage Proposal in Venice, Italy

How We Met

Stephen and I met at a local bar that I have been going to with my friends forever. I always swore off people at the bar because I felt it was asking for trouble to meet a guy in a bar, and that nothing lasting could come of it. Stephen was a new face to me there and I was talking to ac couple of friends about him all night who kept encouraging me to go over and talk to him. In typically fashion I just came up with a million excuses not to go over, so my friend decided to do it for me. My friend went right up to Stephen and dragged me over with him and told Stephen these exact words. “Someone in this bar (points directly at me from behind) wants to know if you have a boyfriend or are single.”

Not very subtle and I was mortified, but Stephen and I talked for a little bit. After we stopped talking that night I figured I should just go home and forget about the entire mortifying event, but I found Stephen on Facebook and apologized for my friend and thanked him for talking. He said he was sorry he did not catch me to say goodbye and invited me to his house for a campfire he was having with his friends. I ended up attending that campfire and shortly after we decided to start dating, and its been amazing ever since!


how they asked

I had known for a long time that Stephen was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Stephen and I have something really special and I have never felt this way about someone before. We were planning our big trip to Italy and I was researching ways to propose over there and also what the culture was like as a same sex couple to propose. A photographer name Serena Genovese showed up as a destination wedding photographer, but it pulled her up as she had done these same sex proposals before. I immediately contacted Serena with my interest and she was amazing about helping me plan the perfect location in Venice, the date and the time to do the proposal.

I went out and bought the ring the next day and began planning out the proposal with Serena. Meanwhile I was also looking up ways to get the ring past TSA without having someone spoil it and looking for ways to hide the ring from Stephen. I also waited until the day before to tell some of his friends and family because I did not want him getting any information at all. The first two days of the trip before the proposal were torture. I always had to be in the room making sure he was no where near the spot in my bag I hid the ring. The day of we went into Venice and did some sight seeing and went back to our room to get ready for what I told him was a nice dinner at an amazing restaurant with a dress code. I also told him I wanted a picture to put on our Christmas card so he would make sure his hair and everything was perfect, otherwise he would kill me once he realized I hired Serena to take the engagement pictures.

Getting to the proposal spot took a taxi, a train, and then a water taxi and some walking and I was frantic just trying to get there in time. Amazingly everything aligned perfectly and Serena was waiting for us in this perfect little spot near the water. I walked Stephen to the end of the street and I am sure he was really confused and hungry since we were supposed to be going to dinner. It was just the perfect day and place and everything went so amazingly much like the way our relationship has worked out. I put my bag down and pulled out the box and started nervously rambling about how much I love him and when he realized you’ll see in the pictures he tilted him head back so far to try and hold back the tears I thought he would fall over.

Stunning Proposal in Venice, Italy

Marraige Proposal IDeas in Venice, Italy

He said yes and Serena took us on an amazing photoshoot I will always remember. I am so happy I got to share this amazing trip with Stephen and make it even more special by proposing in Venice. And a special thank you to our photographer Serena for making this day special for Stephen and I.

Marriage Proposals in Venice, Italy


Special Thanks

Serena Genovese
Serena Genovese Photography