Liz and Stuart

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How We Met

I went to the University of South Carolina, and Stuart went to Georgia. Destined to never leave the states that we each loved and grew up in respectively, Stuart and I were “set up” by mutual friends. My best friend/roommate was best friends with his best friend in college (still keeping up?!). We saw each other at a few events (including a concert and multiple tailgates), and I always had my eye on him, but it seemed unrequited. I wrote it off and chalked it up to the fact that I was not a Georgia fan :)

That was until Stuart came in town for the Georgia vs. South Carolina football game. We really hit it off, and our friends suggested that I ask Stuart to a sorority function that I needed a date for. He accepted, and drove the three hours to see me that weekend. Two rap lovers took off to “Mallard Ball,” where we danced the night away to country music and shared our first kiss between boiled peanuts.

When Stuart made his way back to Athens, I knew that wouldn’t be the last time I’d see him, and we didn’t stop talking since. We made plans to visit each other, went on various trips with our friends (including New Orleans and Cancun – where Stuart told me he loved me after a night at Senor Frogs – romantic!). We call ourselves “soul mates” because we have the best time together. He’s adventurous, encouraging, and absolutely hilarious. We both moved to Atlanta after college, and we have now been dating for four years.

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how they asked

Stuart is in San Francisco for about five months for a training program through his work. He’s across the country, and we definitely weren’t enjoying the long distance (does anyone?!). We planned my first visit for about a month after he arrived (41 days to be exact…but who’s counting). After a severe bout of jet lag on Friday night, we woke up Saturday to the most beautiful day. It had been raining in San Francisco for (what Stuart said) was just about every day, so we were extremely lucky. I’m not kidding when I say that the day (even before the most perfect ending) was the most magical day of my life. We explored the bustling farmer’s market, watched the seals at Fisherman’s Wharf, ate amazing food, rode pedi cabs down the expansive streets, and just enjoyed our time together. Stuart told me we needed to be in our Uber at 4pm to head to Land’s End to watch the sunset. I was ecstatic, because we had to “hike” to get to the view, and we love hiking. My excitement did not help me get ready faster, though, and I noticed Stuart was getting very antsy, now that I think about it. When we got in the car, we immediately were stuck in some serious traffic, and the sun was going down fast. Stuart began to sweat and seemed very “off,” but again, I thought nothing of it at the time. When we arrived, we realized it was wet, so Stuart carried me on his back part of the way. I was wearing new shoes, after all! We got to the edge of the cliff and looked out at the most beautiful view I have ever seen. I took out my phone to take a photo, but Stuart insisted that we climb lower for a “better view.” I didn’t know how he would possibly know that the view was better, but I followed him. The view of the Golden Gate bridge over the water honestly took my breath away. It was the perfect cap to the most wonderful day. When I turned around to grab Stuart’s hand, he was on one knee, saying something that I cannot remember, but was immediately answering YES to. He pulled out the most beautiful ring, and we cried and cried and cried. I will never, ever forget the feeling when I saw him on his knee, it still makes my heart beat faster when I think about it.

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Stuart pointed to someone at the top of the cliff, and they began waving excitedly. It turned out to be one of his friends from his training class in San Francisco, that had been following us the whole walk taking pictures. She came down to take more photos of us, then Stuart and I walked to the edge of the cliff to sit. We watched the sun set (perfectly timed!) on the sweetest, most perfect day of our lives.

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