Stormie and Jordan

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How We Met

We met at a game night with friends about a year ago. We remained friends and finally started dating in the summer. We got engaged almost a year after we met!

how they asked

I thought I would be doing nothing New Year’s Eve, but my fiancé Jordan thought otherwise! We started our day by going to get pizza for lunch. Jordan then told me he had to go into work to finish up some things. I then sat at home and waited for his return!

When Jordan got back home I was slowly getting ready for the night. I even tried to buy movie tickets for later (luckily Jordan talked me out of it). Jordan asked me if we could go to his apartment so he could pack a bag for the night. I agreed and we headed out, I was completely oblivious to EVERYTHING!

Just as we got off the freeway exit Jordan said, “my work set up lights at the UVU alumni house, let’s go check it out!” As we pulled up the whole area was dark so I figured we would just go home. Jordan noticed that a gazebo was still lit up so he wanted to go check it out. I was hesitant because of the cold weather and I still had NO idea what was going on!

As we walked up to the gazebo Jordan told me to look at the snow and I realized that S+J was carved into the snow along the path. Then I saw the gazebo was decorated in gorgeous gold lights and included a sign that said “every morning?”

Within the first few months of dating I asked Jordan, “What if you wake up one morning and you don’t like me?” Jordan told me that he wakes up every morning and falls even more in love with me. Since that day we have always said “every morning” to each other as another way of saying I love you.

I then turned around to see Jordan kneeling down in a gorgeous gazebo with a gorgeous ring. Of course I said yes!

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I was also surprised to turn around and see my parents hidden capturing all of the photos. I also figured out that Jordan didn’t go to work that day but was busy setting everything up!

It was the most perfect proposal!