Stormie and Cody

How We Met

The night Cody and I met could make nonbelievers, rethink the idea of “love at first sight.” I planned on coming back to my former place of employment at bluefusion entertainment, where Cody now worked. We talked without forced conversation or awkward pauses. He was goofy, sweet, and romantic all in one.The kind of guy that opens doors for you and never lets you go a day without telling you how beautiful you are. Just four days later, I told my best friend that I loved this man. That he was like no one I had ever known before. It must to much relief when he told me that he felt the same. We knew there was something about each other that was going to be something beautiful. And from the very first night, we have been the fun, loving couple that everyone knows us as today.

Image 1 of Stormie and Cody

how they asked

October 10th of 2015 was our very first anniversary together. We spent hours playing games at Magic Mountain and enjoying our special day together. A couple hours and one manatee stuffed animal later, we headed to one of my favorite restaurants. Our dinner was spent with laughter and reminiscing about the night that we met. How shy we were, how far we’d come since then, and how far we still had to go. After a delicious meal, Cody handed me an envelope that read, “To the love of my life.” I read the card that spoke of our anniversary and the special love we had for one another. His handwritten note at the bottom said, “I love you with all of my heart and soul. Happy Anniversary to the best thing to ever happen to me, Now close your Eyes.” I looked at him confused and he just chuckled at me. I close my eyes and feel myself shifting to face the outside of the booth. When I opened my eyes, he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I was in such shock that I didn’t hear a single word that he said, but I somehow managed to say yes at the right moment. I burst into tears as we heard everyone in the restaurant cheering and yelling. It was the best, and most unexpected moment of my life.