Sthephany and Matheus

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How We Met

Our love story began many many years ago.. the very first time Matt and I met , we were actually going to the same summer camp when we were kids . Our moms had mutual friends , and her children were going so Matt ended up going as well. He had just had an ear surgery , so he could not go in the pool and i actually remember him sitting on the edge of the shallow end of the pool just watching everyone. Many years later , fate came knocking on our door. My mothers friend invited our family to go to church , in which was the church that Matt’s family attended as well. Matt and I instantly became friends over a joke ( which was not as funny as he thought ) .

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Matt and I were the best of friends , we did everything together ! The only thing is he started to like me , and I of course put him in the friend zone for 2 YEARS. This is where our love story began! Everyday for 2 years, Matt fought for my attention. He called , even though I never answered. He texted me even when I did not reply. He used to wait outside my house for HOURS to see me for 2 minutes, He never gave up, even when people told him to. Over 2 years , all we have ever gone on were 3 dates and shared about 2 kisses. Before I could ever imagine he wanted to give up , we went on our very last date .. the rest is history ! We have been together for 3 years now , more in love with each other as the days go by.

how they asked

February 22, 2017 marked 3 years that we had been together . We have always made a HUGE deal of our yearly anniversaries. This year , I took the day off as requested by Matt because he mentioned having a whole day planned just for us. Little did I know what awaited me . Matt and my mom have been planning this day for a little over a month , so my mom taking Matt’s side like always told me not to expect anything from this day because it could not happen . So I took what my mother said , and that was in my mind all day .. so I of course expected nothing ( mother you are a genius ). So on the morning of 02/22 , I noticed that Matt was a little anxious .He told me to be ready early because we were going for breakfast at our favorite place. He arrived VERY early , I was not even ready yet . Again , I did not think much of it . On the way to breakfast he was very talkative , and charming like he always is ,Joking and making me laugh.

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We then took a ferry to the city , and went on the most amazing romantic little food tour of Greenwich Village . We ate, talked, had loads of fun ! Toward the end , I noticed Matt getting quieter as the time went on. He did not say much .. but again I did not think much of it . Matt said we had one more stop to make before going home and getting ready for dinner . I , already having had the longest few days at work was VERY exhausted . So I began to fall asleep in the car , I now know he was glad to have some quiet time before the big surprise .

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After a small nap , I had woken up to a very similar scenery of a place that we had gone to many times before. I looked over at Matt and he seemed a bit nervous , he was turning yellow and I instantly thought to myself ” what is going on ?” . I said to him ” I think I know where we are .” All he could do was smirk at me and keep driving. When he pulled into the Botanical Garden he looked at me and said ” Stay in the car , I’m going somewhere and I’ll call you to meet me .” He went on and pulled something out of the trunk , looking as nervous as ever. I then started to piece things together still not believing what was going on. He called me and told me to meet him where we over looked the lily pads and told me to bring the camera that was behind my seat. My heart began beating out of my chest and i suddenly could not remember where to go.. and we had been here enough times that I should know! Matt told me to go up through the hill , that was full of mud and I began to get frustrated as my shoes kept sinking into the mud. He told me to just come up that he would meet me.

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There he gave me a book , that was our love story . As I got closer to the last few pages with tears in my eyes , I saw him reach for his pockets and kneel down . The love of my life, had just asked me to marry him.

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I was so overwhelmed , that I forgot to say yes ! He hugged me and said ” did you forget , you have to say something .” I smiled and of course said yes. I then found out that Matt’s sister and our very good friend , were hiding in the bushes capturing our special moment.

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And here , is just the beginning of our happily ever after. I am so blessed to be loved by this amazing man . I really cannot wait to be married to my best friend ! Can’t wait to spend forever by your side.

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