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How We Met

I left my home on Vancouver Island early 2013 with $300, a guitar, and a 1995 Buick Century Station Wagon. My journey included driving across Canada and America, sailing across oceans, walking across Central America, and living in a cave in the Bahamas for 7 months.

I finally met Romi my third time visiting Key West, Florida at an Acro Yoga gathering at Fort Zachary Taylor Park. After 4 years of traveling solo Romi was the only girl who could impact my heart enough to cause me to stop and desire to be in a relationship again. I was still technically without a home, and I also did not own shoes, meanwhile Romi was this very successful photographer living in Key West. Somehow she fell in love with this caveman.

Where to Propose in Boquete, Panama

Stevie's Proposal in Boquete, Panama

Proposal Ideas Boquete, Panama

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Six months after knowing Romi my friend Carl, a jeweler at a local emerald jewelry shop in Key West called Emeralds International, made me an Oregon Sunstone solitaire engagement ring in Palladium to propose to Romi. I took this ring with me during an extremely challenging sailing trip to Cuba, Colombia, and finally Panama, where, two months later, Romi met up with me. Together we traveled to the North of Panama to a town called Boquete, where, up in the mountains, I set up the proposal. I told Romi that I had written a song for her and I wanted her to film me singing it to her so I had something to share as a music video. She then helped me set up a couple camera angles and everything. The first take it began to rain on us and I had to stop just after beginning the song. The second take I messed up just before I was about to ask her. The third take, with my heart pounding and nerves flying high, I got through the whole song and then asked her to marry me in Czech (her native language).

Even though we would have gotten married right then and there, two years later we have still not arranged the wedding, but are more in love than ever before and looking to set a date someday soon.

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